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How to Purchase the Right Internal 1TB Laptop Hard Drive

If you are in the market for a new laptop hard drive, then a 1TB laptop hard drive will provide plenty of storage space for programs, files, games, and multimedia. eBay offers a wide selection of internal and external storage solutions.

How do you choose the right hard drive?

Apart from storage capacity, you can judge a hard drive by the following specs:

  • Rotational speed: Hard drives consist of a rotating magnetic disk. The rotational speed essentially determines how long the disk takes to get into place. This slight delay is known as the latency. For example, a hard drive with 7,200 revolutions per minute will only have a delay of 4.16 seconds, which is faster than the 5.55 seconds of a hard drive with 5,400 revolutions per minute.
  • Cache: The cache is also known as the disk buffer. This is a small amount of memory that stands between the hard disk and the motherboard. The computer will automatically store data in the cache that it needs. This will cut down on access times.
  • Data transfer rate: The transfer rate measures the total amount of data that can be moved to and from the hard drive. It is mostly determined by the type of bus interface. The most common data rates are 1.5 gigabytes, 3 gigabytes, 6 gigabytes, or 16 gigabytes per second. The actual real-world transfer rates are somewhat lower than these maximum raw data rates.
How does the hard drive connect to the computer?

The bus interface is the connection point between the motherboard and hard drive. The most common commercial interface is SATA, which stands for Serial AT Attachment. There are three different versions of SATA. Each version offers higher transfer speeds, but they are otherwise compatible with each other. SATA features hot-swapping and native command queuing. Command Queuing allows the drive to optimize the execution of read and write orders.

Legacy computers from 2003 or earlier are likely to have the PATA, or Parallel AT Attachment, interface. If you are operating an enterprise-level computer, then you may be using the SAS interface, which can generally achieve high transfer speeds. Check the bus interface on your computer first. They are generally not compatible without the use of an adapter.

How large is a laptop hard drive?

A 2.5-inch drive is the most common form factor for a laptop. Make sure that the hard drive you purchase conforms to this size. See the manufacturer site for details.