Car Speaker and Subwoofer Grills for Improved Audio Performance

The quality of a speaker grill in many cases is as important as the qualities of a speaker or amp. Grills affect performance, and there can be a significant difference in sound depending on what you use. Most cars come with default grills installed and some even have a full working audio system. However, there are many upgrade possibilities, especially for those interested in getting the most out of their audio experience.

What kind of 12-inch speaker grills do I need?

Speaker grills vary a lot in terms of design and style. Popular designs and styles include:

  • Waffle grill
  • Barr grill
  • Spinner grills

Compatibility issues are rare as the holes designed to secure the speaker grill are standardized. As long as you choose a 12-inch speaker grill, it should fit over a 12-inch speaker or subwoofer.

Still, choosing between a grill for a subwoofer and a regular speaker should be made with different considerations in mind. To avoid vibrations of a speaker grill placed over a subwoofer, choose a design that allows a lot more free air movement. Waffle grills are more closed off and better suited for regular speakers whereas spinner grills are commonly used for subwoofers.

Can I match the color of my interior with my speaker grills?

While the default speaker grills provided with your vehicle should be the closest color match, speaker grill models can come in several different colors. Black is a standard color for most models and there are also a lot of grey options. A single speaker grill model can have black versions with different finishes as well as several gray variations in different shades of the color.

Some manufacturers even create speaker grills that will match the lights of your car audio system. This means that you can also find speaker grills in

  • Deep blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple

Should I choose a metal or a plastic grill?

Steel and plastic are commonly used for speaker covers and they offer different advantages. Plastic speaker covers are more affordable and easier to find in different shapes, while the steel ones are sturdier and offer more protection to the speaker as they do not bend. Steel grills, or metal grills in general, vibrate differently, which may have a slight impact on sound quality. Still, if a punctured membrane of the speaker is a greater concern, choose a material that does not bend and a design that covers the whole surface.

How to install 12-inch car speaker and subwoofer grills?

Securing a 12-inch cover over a speaker or a woofer is easy. Since the holes on the base are standardized, it's only a matter of tightly screwing it in position at four points. Some covers may also include screw-mounts, so always consult the full specifications when in doubt. Make sure that the grill is not able to move at all after being installed as any movement can affect your car audio performance.