19 V Power Adapters/Chargers for Acer Aspire

Choosing a Laptop Power Adapter and Charger

Acer is a well-known computer company for creating affordable lines of laptop computers. Whether youre looking for a replacement laptop charger for your Acer Aspire or want to have an extra power supply and adapter just in case, many power cords are available.

What Type of Plug is This?

  • These power adapters are specifically made for US plugs, but similar items for other countries can be found or a power adapter can be purchased.
  • The laptop power cord and AC adapter are a 19-Volt AC/standard power supply laptop charger.
  • The maximum output power on the adapter and power supply for the charger is 65 watts.

What is the Length of the Cord?

  • The length of the cord depends on the model you wish to buy, but the usual power adapter and power cord length for laptops is between 10 and 14 feet. See the manufacturer site for size details.
  • A 14-foot power supply laptop charger would be considered extra long.

Is This For a Specific Model?

  • This adapter and charger will work for any laptop from this brand such as the Chromebook as well as some other brands of laptops.
  • For a complete list of what products this AC adapter charger will work with, check in the description of the individual AC product listing.

Does the AC Adapter and Cable Come as a Package?

  • Some AC boxes and power cords come as a package, but often it will be one or the other.
  • The listing will specify what is being sold, whether it be an individual adapter or an adapter and power cord package.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting an Aspire?

  • The laptop comes at a significantly lower price point than many other laptop models, making it ideal for someone who needs a laptop computer for casual use such as surfing the web, checking email, and light work.
  • The computer comes with a power cable and other laptop accessories can be purchased at an extra price.
  • It also features a built-in webcam and the battery is able to last for a few hours before being plugged into the charger.

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