2012 Apple MacBook Air Laptops

Experience What a Compact Laptop Like the 2012 Apple MacBook Air Can Do

Originally designed to be Apples compact notebook model line, the MacBook Air briefly replaced the traditional MacBook in 2012. With small and easily portable 11-inch and 13-inch sizes, the 2012 MacBook Air line is just about the smallest fully functional laptop available in the Apple product lineup. Featuring powerful Intel i5 and i7 processors, the MacBook Air punches well above its weight class, making it an available option for students, professionals, and enthusiasts.

Which versions of Apple OS X can the 2012 Apple MacBook Air run?

The 2012 release of MacBook Airs is one of the first years Apple began offering full compatibility for its legacy products up to macOS 10.13.x High Sierra. These laptops will have full functionality throughout the macOS X lineup. Upgrading to the latest version of High Sierra offers a number of benefits over previous versions of macOS X.

How do you find the right laptop?

Finding the right balance of portability, power, and style can be an exhausting task. Your specific needs for your laptop will factor heavily in your decision making. Use these key guidelines to take note of while shopping for your new laptop:

  • Size: If you plan to take your notebook with you when you travel, to the office, or to the cafe, portability will be a primary concern. Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, and youll want to find a good balance between screen size and weight. Smaller laptops will be much lighter and easier to carry with you on the go.
  • Technical Specs: Decide what you plan to do with your laptop. If youll be doing lots of multitasking, graphical design, or anything that uses lots of processing power, you may want to consider getting powerful hardware in your laptop. On the other hand, if you mostly plan to casually browse the Internet, watch movies, and create excel spreadsheets, you can choose more moderate technical specifications.
  • Compatibility: Not all laptops are compatible with all software. If you have a specialized task laid out for your laptop, look to verify that your purchase will be able to run the software needed to perform that task.

Can you upgrade the RAM on a 2012 Apple MacBook Air?

While its possible to perform very limited upgrades on this model of MacBook Air, its a technically involved process. The laptops flash storage solid state drive can be upgraded to a larger size, but any further upgrades will require an entirely new logic board as the memory and other systems are soldered onto the board itself. The devices RAM cannot be upgraded without replacing the entire board.

What are some notable features of the Air line of laptops?

The Air line of laptops is meant to be small and portable while still having the internal hardware needed to perform everyday tasks. They are hyper-thin, incredibly lightweight, and still include Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, up to 8GB of RAM, and integrated Intel graphics. This melding of performance and portability make for a very mobile laptop platform designed to let students, professionals, and everyday users enjoy the freedom to bring their laptop almost anywhere.

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