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Motorcycle Air Filters for Honda VTX1800

Motorcycles must operate in many environments, and to keep their engines running they need the services of air-filtration systems. Motorcycle air filters for Honda VTX1800 bikes come in types like foam screens, metal mesh, and more.

What types of motorcycle air filters exist?

Motorbike enthusiasts operate their vehicles in dry, wet, muddy, and sandy conditions. The engines for these machines tend to run at high revolution rates, and they require clean air and fuel for proper operation. Air filters fill this need, and they are available in a variety of design specifications for brands like Honda. These include:

  • Foam Screens: Foam-based models are made of synthetic substances that are formed into the proper shapes and densities. On their own, foam designs cannot prevent contaminants from entering motorcycle engines. As such, they require bike owners to apply special oils to the foam. When properly applied, foam-mesh oils trap a wide-variety of road-based contaminants. These designs can absorb large amounts of dirt and grime before showing ill effects, and this feature makes them useful in off-roading situations.
  • Metal Mesh: Metal-based designs are often formed from chromed stainless-steel mesh. These types of motorcycle air-screens come in various filtration levels, and their metal-based designs can offer bike owners relatively high levels of durability.
  • Paper Filters: This class of filtration device is formed from dense paper products. These screens often include pleated or fluted ridges in their designs that can increase structural integrity. Paper models often retain their structural integrity even when old and clogged.
Is smoke from foam-based designs normal?

Foam-based motorbike air-screens usually require owners or mechanics to apply specialized filtration oils. Foam models can be absorbent, and it can be easy for repair persons to mistakenly apply too much oil. If this happens, excess oil may be drawn into the engine cylinders. Exhaust smoke is the common result.

How can you tell when it is filter replacement time?

While bike air-screens are often strong, they all eventually require replacement. Bike owners who proactively replace their filtration screens can save their motors from unnecessary damages. In order to repair these screens on proper time-tables, owners should pay close attention to the condition of their filtration devices.

  • Old and damaged foam models may become brittle and dense as they age.
  • Metal-based screens may become clogged or corroded with age.
  • Paper membranes often show signs of clogging or structural damage after long periods of use.
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