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A Basic Guide to Loose Alexandrites

Alexandrite gemstones are a form of chrysoberyl that is appreciated for its color-changing abilities. These gems can turn from an emerald color to a red or purplish color based on the light. Loose alexandrite stones originally came from the Ural Mountains in Russia, and a variety is also sourced from South America, Sri Lanka, and East Africa.

What color is an alexandrite gemstone?

Alexandrite gemstones experience a color change based on the ambient light, so there's more than one answer to that question.

  • Daylight: Under natural light, this type of gem has a green or emerald color.
  • Night: When the light is dim, alexandrite gemstones appear to have a ruby color.
  • Incandescent light: Under incandescent lights, alexandrite can appear purplish-red.
How is alexandrite formed?

These gemstones are formed over millions of years. As molten rock or lava deep in the earth's crust travels toward the surface, it mixes with a variety of different minerals to form gemstones. Alexandrite and emeralds are both formed at depths of approximately 155 miles below the earth's surface.

Some chrysoberyl gems have dramatic, alexandrite-like, color-changing capabilities even though they are not natural alexandrite gems. However, there are several signs that a gem may be a chrysoberyl stone and not a natural, color-change alexandrite. The main indicator is the color. True color-change alexandrite displays a classic range of hues. If the gem has a color-change spectrum that is outside that classic range of green, red, and purplish-red, the gem is likely chrysoberyl.

What are loose alexandrite stones used for?

Although these color-change gemstones have been used in jewelry in the past, some use them for their alleged alternative healing powers. This green gemstone is associated with self-control and discipline. It is believed by some to help the wearer to strive for excellence. In Russian lore, the gemstone is thought to bring fortune, love, and luck to the wearer.

What kind of loose alexandrites are available on eBay?

eBay carries unique loose alexandrites in different forms. You can select the one you want based on various categories. These categories are:

  • Natural or not - Some alexandrites are lab-created, while others are natural. You can select your preference based on your specific needs.
  • Country of origin - Choices include Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, or Sri Lanka.
  • Transparency - You can choose between transparent or translucent.
  • Cut grade - Options include excellent, very good, or good.
  • Shape - You can also select the shape you prefer. Choices are cushion, emerald, oval, pear, rough, round, or trillion.