Altman Single Unit Stage Lighting

Achieving the proper stage lighting is a major part of making any production a success. Stage lighting needs range from conventional incandescent options to fresnels. Altman Lighting makes innovative lighting equipment for the stage.

What types of stage lighting does Altman Lighting make?

Altman features a complete line of stage lighting, which includes the following:

  • Blacklights: Altman's blacklights provide the theater with a wash of ultraviolet light. This common effect makes dark surfaces appear invisible and reflective surfaces appear to fluoresce.
  • Borderlights: Altman Lighting makes a variety of borderlights, which are used to provide the stage with a general wash of light. The brand's borderlights have many applications as they can be used with both glass and gel roundels.
  • Cyclorama lights: These are used to light scenery and cycloramas. These fixtures produce broad, uneven light, and they can be used from fly pipes and the ground, which achieves a uniform wash.
  • Ellipsoidals: These high-precision options are often used for pattern projections and controlled accenting.
  • Followspots: Altman's followspots provide lighting professionals with precise control over an intense lighting beam. These fixtures offer a variety of colors, qualities, and beam length.
  • Fresnels: For soft-edged theatrical lighting, turn to Altman's fresnels. Fresnels are easy to control, offering variable beam spreads and more.
  • Micro fixtures: Altman Lighting makes small versions of its classic theater options, which are excellent for intimate performance spaces.
  • Pars: These are some of Altman's most versatile options. They are flexible luminaires; therefore, by altering lamp type, lighting professionals can use pars for a wide variety of applications.
  • Q-Lite: Altman Q-Lite units are made to fill tight spaces with a bright burst of high-color-temperature light.
  • Scoops: These can be used as fill lights or floodlights; they provide diffuse, even washes.
What types of bulbs do Altman Lighting units use?

The types of bulbs used vary by product, but frequently used options include the following:

  • UV LEDs
  • Luxeon Rebel LEDs
  • Compact filament lamps
  • Tungsten halogen lamps
What control options does Altman Lighting offer?

Most of Altman Lighting's items, from ellipsoidals to fresnels, use DMX protocol, which creates a signal stream between all of the lights on the stage. Each individual fixture listens for its part in the signal stream and obeys each relevant command. This system allows theatrical professionals to control dimmers, strobes, effects, accessories, and more.

Some of Altman Lighting's items may use other protocols, however. Some may offer manual control, which gives users total control over an individual unit. Other machines may have analog, which is one of the simplest control signaling systems.

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