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Hit the Road in Altra Running Shoes for Women

Blue Altra Shoes for Women

Altra knows that all feet are not created equal and have put time and effort into developing technologies that support all foot types in running. More specifically, womens feet are wider at the toe base and gradually narrow to the heel. Altra is the first shoe company to have built a shoe around the physical properties of a feminine foot. In 2011, Altra was founded based on the CORE3their unique features of these running shoes for women.

Are Altra athletic shoes

strictly for running?

Altra was founded on bettering the running experience for all, so most of their shoes focus on the special needs of runners. There are a variety of jogging shoes to choose from including trail running shoes and road running shoes. The Altra Lone Peak model is geared for trail running and hiking with a rugged outsole for added traction. The Altra Escalante is geared for running or jogging on roads with Altra Ego cushioning to help return energy on runs.

Orange Altra sneakers for Women

Does Altra make casual or

cross-training shoes?

The Altra Solstice and HIIT were specially designed for a variety of strength training and cardio workouts. They still possess the same core features but can withstand added demands of mixed exercises. You will also find shoes like the Altra Tokala and Grafton which offer a casual, stylish look for everyday wear.

Black Altra Sneakers

Do these Altra athletic shoes run true to size?

Altra running shoes for women fit true to size and width. They come in womens sizes 5.512 in most shoe models. Altra seems to have eliminated the need for wide or extra-wide shoe options due to their unique foot-shaped designs. If you need further information on shoe sizing, please check the manufacturers website.

What are the features in Altra Running shoes?

  • Core Fit4Her technology - Along with a wider toe box and narrower heel, this technology also addresses the female foots higher instep, longer arch, and spacing between metatarsals to provide the most ergonomic fit.
  • Core Balanced cushioning - This Zero Drop technology ensures the heel and forefoot are both the same distance from the surface. This allows for lower-impact landings and enhances form.
  • Core Footshape toe box - In addition to a wider toe box for womens shoes, this technology allows extra room for the toes to spread out as they naturally would. The big toe has more power during push-offs than it would in a shoe with a tighter toe box.
  • Altra Ego - Midsole technology that provides soft cushion while maximizing energy return.
  • Footpod technology - This maps the bones of the foot to assist it in moving naturally.
Green Altra Sneakers for Women

What colors are available?

Because there are so many different Altra shoe models, there are many different color options available. There are subtle colors like black, grey, and navy blue as well as brighter colors like pink, purple, and yellow. Some are multi-colored while others are monochromatic.

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