Everything You Need to Know About American DJ Stage Lighting Single Units

If you want to put on an unforgettable show, the right stage effects can help you pull your gig off with style. eBay carries many affordable options for American DJ stage lighting in new and used condition to help you create a number of different effects.

What types of DJ lights are there?

There are a variety of DJ lights within this collection. Examples of these different types of lights include:

  • Black lights - While most black lights aren't programmable, they do provide a certain type of ambiance that can't be mustered by any other type of light.
  • Strobes - Strobe lights are classic components of any DJ's light show, and they are usually mounted on-stage or on the ceiling for maximum effect.
  • Spotlights - Some spotlights simply create a solid beam of white light, but most are equipped with filters or lenses that can create a variety of different patterns and images on the dance floor.
  • Light show projectors - These lights create 3D light shows that will mesmerize your audience, and you can usually program them with a computer.
  • Laser lights - These types of lights project lasers that can be programmed to take on many different shapes. You can mount these lights overhead or on-stage to control where your intended lighting effect appears for your audience.
Are these DJ lights programmable?

Yes, some of the affordable lights made by American DJ can be plugged into your computer for programming purposes. Most lights that can be programmed in this way come with their own software, but you can also use third-party software packages to control your lights. In some instances, you may be able to control the direction, duration, and type of light that is emitted from your lights. eBay offers a variety of choices.

How do you pick the right lights?

To choose the right DJ lights for your sets, you'll need to consider the effect that you want to create for your audience. Having a clear vision in mind of how you want your light show to complement the music you play is the only way to know exactly which types of affordable American DJ lights you want to use, and once you have this image in your head, you'll be able to pick out the specific lights that can bring your ideas to life.

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