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Angels Jeans for Women

Angels Forever Young Jeans was created in 1997. Angels Jeans became a recognizable brand because of the Angel diamond-shaped tags, bead embellishments, and embroidery. Many different sizes and styles help people find a pair of jeans that fit.

How many sizes are available?

Angels Jeans carries a variety of sizes in women's, missy, plus-size, and girls. The Forever Fit range offers several options for many body shapes.

  • Plus: Sizes from 16W to 24W are available in skinny jeans, cropped pants, and bootcut jeans.
  • Curvy: A Tummy Tech panel is intended to pull over the stomach. These skinny jeans taper downward from the knee.
  • 360 Sculpt: These mid-rise skinny jeans feature an elastic waistband. The denim is stretchy, allowing for some fluctuation in size.
  • Body Lift: These mid-rise skinny jeans are made in a soft fabric for unencumbered movement.
  • Push Up: These mid-rise jeggings are made to push up the rear.
What styles are available in Angels Jeans?

Angels Jeans offers several different styles and lengths of jeans for a variety of wearers.

  • Bootcut: From a size 6 to a size 24W, bootcut jeans fit tighter around the thigh and taper at the knees. Dark and medium washes are available. Several options of pocket styles and types of closure are offered.
  • Skinny: These jeans feature a tight fit throughout the length of the jeans. These are also available from size 6 up to 24W. Dark, medium, and light washes are available.
  • Convertible: A rolled cuff on these jeans gives the wearer the option of sporting longer pants or shorter capri-style pants. A classic stretch Lycra is blended with Modal, creating a soft denim that resists shrinking. Sizes 6 to 24W are available in a dark wash or a choice of several colors.
  • Cropped: For warmer weather wear, these jeans stop above the ankle. Many sizes and washes are available in the cropped style.
  • Shorts: Classic stretch Lycra combines with 99% cotton to create sturdy and stretchy shorts. A variety of styles are included with various embellished pockets and sashes.
What pocket styles are available?

Angels Forever Young Jeans offer a variety of pocket styles, from embroidered back pockets to contrast stitching, to no back pockets. Although there are several different types of embroidery found on Angels Jeans pockets, one of the most common designs is angel wings. The wings are generally stitched in either white or black thread.

What types of closures are there?

As with the pocket styles, you can find different kinds of closures throughout the different types and sizes of Angels Jeans. Most of the jeans you find will button and zip like other jeans. However, there are also three button closures available as well as elastic waistbands that do not require any type of closure.