How to Select a Cellphone Antenna for an iPhone 6

Cellphone antennas have a number of practical uses. These accessories are known to greatly increase the range of your phone's reception, giving it a broader range of utility. This cellphone hardware can also facilitate connections to local devices such as printers and desktop computers.

How does a cellphone antenna work with an iPhone 6?

This add-on item is designed to give iPhone 6 hardware an increased range of connectivity. Connectivity can be defined in a number of different ways. In most cases, this term refers to the stability of the device's connection to internet, radio, or telephone services. Increased stability means fewer issues related to static, dead air, and choppy sounds. The antenna is designed to combat these issues by increasing the strength of the signal to and from the phone.

An external cellphone antenna gives a boost to the signal your hardware is already putting out. Generally, this means your phone will be able to connect to technology over longer distances as well as be detected by receptors that are farther away. That means you can be more mobile when using your smart products. External pieces of hardware are also capable of giving greater clarity to personal music devices connected to traditional radio stations.

Can this accessory be used with all iPhone 6 models?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) antenna hardware is designed to be used with all models of the iPhone 6. While there are some differences in utility and features between the models of iPhone 6, the feature set and overall application of the hardware is identical. There are two antenna models: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Check to see which model of iPhone you have and verify that the antenna will work, especially if choosing aftermarket hardware.

Does the antenna provide my iPhone with any unique features?

This accessory is intended to act as a standard connectivity-widening technology. As such, it does not come bundled with any unique software or apps. However, once in place, it does provide these benefits:

  • Instant connectivity: The antenna is designed to instantly recognize any model of iPhone 6 and be ready to use within 15 seconds of installation.
  • Interchangeability: Once recognized, this accessory can be removed as often as required. It never has to be reset, save for brief periods after software updates or user-initiated reboots.
  • Charging capabilities: This product can be fully charged within a minute of connectivity. Additionally, charging it can increase the iPhone's power efficiency.
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