How to Choose the Right Computer

Of the many laptops available on the market, MacBooks are a range of computers distinctly different from the rest. Even with their own unique style, there are numerous crucial differences in their make and utility worth being mindful of. Among this range is the Apple MacBook Air, the lightest and generally the smallest of the brand's line of laptops.

What Are Some Design Features of the MacBook Air?

With their specific style and design, it is useful to know some common design features found in the MacBook Air, such as:

  • Battery Life: To make the most of their portability, laptops can feature a power-efficient design that provides a battery life that can reach up to 12 hours of use. MacBook Air batteries are typically with a 54-watt-hour battery made from lithium polymer and recharged via a MagSafe charger.
  • Screen Display: In order to clearly see what you're working on or watching, these laptops feature screens that offer a high resolution display and vivid colors thanks to their LED-backlit make. Typically, MacBooks feature screen size 13.3-inch laptop screens.
  • Mac OS: Apple computers all run on the same operating system known as MacOS that comes with its own set of features and layout style.
  • Built-in Webcam: Laptops can include a camera and microphone in their design allowing you to simply and conveniently video chat over Wi-Fi with services like FaceTime.

What Are Useful Technical Specifications for MacBooks to Know?

To make sure that you select a MacBook Air that meets your needs, it pays to understand some of the specifications that can impact its suitability, like:

  • Hard Drive: For the local storage of files in your laptop, computers come with a built-in hard drive. For MacBook Airs, this is typically a solid-state drive. With a 128GB SSD, you can store a large amount of documents, music and videos.
  • Laptop Memory: Storing the data being used by running applications, there are several choices of memory size available for these computers including 4 GB RAM and 8 GB RAM.
  • Computer Processor: Different generations of laptop are fitted with their own models of processor, the component that impacts its speed and runs applications. MacBooks can feature chips like the Intel Core i5 that feature a dual-core design for greater computing power. Certain processors possess the function of turbo-boost, increasing their speed.
  • Graphics Card: To support graphics-intensive activities, MacBooks often feature on-board graphics cards like the Intel HD graphics 6000.