How To Choose a Suitable Laptop

When you get to that point where you need to buy a new laptop, you are going to find that the process is a lot more tasking than it was when you purchased your first laptop. There are more buying options and impressive features in multiple laptop brands.

What should I look for in a good laptop?

The basics still remain the same. A good laptop should have a processor that can handle your computing needs. It should have enough memory to handle your storage needs, among a host of other features. MacBooks come highly recommended as great laptops for professionals and casual users alike.

Can you tell me more about the Apple MacBook Air?

It is an ultraportable 13-inch model laptop from Apple Computers. A MacBook Air is a good investment that will serve you for a long period of time provided you practice good maintenance.

What features will I find on a MacBook Air?

  • High-speed processor - The Intel Core i5 is one of the fastest processors in the market, and only second to the Intel Core i7. The Intel Core i5 can run at speeds of up to 3.6 GHz. It has a dual-core chip like the Intel Core i3 and uses Turbo Boost technology to increase the clock speeds.
  • Storage - The MacBook Air features a 128 GB SSD storage, which is PCIe-based. It works two times faster than the flash storage on the earlier MacBooks.
  • Battery life - The Apple MacBook Air uses a slightly bigger lithium-polymer battery, which offers 12 hours of non-stop usage.
  • Screen size - At 13 inches, the MacBook Air strikes a good balance between portability and comfortable usage. It is not too small, but neither is it too big to make the laptop bulky.
  • Internet connectivity - The MacBook Air lacks an ethernet connection port. You can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot using the built-in wireless card or get a thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet adapter.
  • Connection ports - The MacBook Air uses the signature Thunderbolt 2 connection port, two USB type C connection ports, and an SDXC card slot.
  • Operating system - All Apple products come with a pre-installed Mac OS version, unlike their counterparts where you might have to spend extra dollars on the system software.

What are the extra features on the laptop?

  • A multi-touch trackpad that responds to three-finger swipes and a four-finger pinch to launch the mission control or view apps on the launchpad.
  • A LED-backlit screen that offers high-resolution imaging.
  • A backlit keyboard that lets you continue working even when it gets dark.
  • A fast graphics processor for intense gaming and graphics-related activities.
  • A high-definition camera that you can use for FaceTime and video conferencing.

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