Finding the Right MacBook Air Intel Core i7 4th Gen Apple Laptops

Apple started using Intel CPUs in 2005 such as the Intel Core i7 processor that has Turbo Boost and hyper-threading features. It has also been included it in many MacBook laptops and other computers. While the CPU is an important piece of hardware, there is more to a computer than its processor.

How to know when you have enough RAM?

Random access memory or RAM is on the motherboard and gives your computer memory that it uses whenever you open a program or perform an operation. It is one of the components, along with the CPU, that helps determine your overall speed. RAM also has cache data so that frequently-used programs and websites open faster. Here are some guidelines for overall RAM needs:

  • Casual user: This is someone who browses the internet, runs light applications, and listens to music. You can typically use 1GB or 2GB or RAM for this.
  • Frequent user: These are people who play some games and are frequently on their computer. You should consider 2GB to 4GB for this.
  • Power user: These are users who run lots of games and applications and are commonly on their computer. You should consider 4GB to 8GB of RAM.
  • Professional user: These people run graphics-heavy games and applications, perform multimedia editing, and need powerful multitasking. About 8GB to 16GB of RAM should work for this.
What is enough hard drive space for your files?

Hard drives are responsible for storing your files. Much like with RAM and CPU power, the hard drive size you'll need is dependent on your personal needs. If you are planning to only store small files like MP3s and text documents, then you can usually get a smaller hard drive. Larger hard drives over 1TB work well if you plan on storing lots of movies, video games, and other memory-heavy files.

What hardware is responsible for running and processing graphics?

Many laptop users are concerned with graphics processing, especially if you want to edit pictures or play video games. The graphics processing unit or GPU is the piece responsible for this. A standard GPU should be able to run applications that allow you to edit photos and videos and it should be able to run video games at medium settings. If you want higher video quality, then you may want to consider a stronger GPU.

What is enough battery life for your laptop?

Laptops are reliant on batteries as you move around and use the computer. The right battery life for you depends on how often you plan on being away from a power source. It's fairly common to find batteries that last five to eight hours. While real usage time will depend on how you use the laptop since heavier usage will draw more power from the CPU and other hardware pieces, you should consider how long you need the laptop to last and whether you'll be able to charge it throughout the day.