Explore the 2nd Gen MacBook Pro With Intel Core i7 Technology

Apple's second iteration of the MacBook Pro with quad-core Intel i7 technology is packed with many features that can be useful or convenient for both your professional and entertainment needs. You'll find several versions of the MacBook Pro quad-core Intel i7 laptops on eBay. Understanding how it works and some of its main features can help you find the specific model that suits your preferences.

What are the design elements of the MacBook's frame?

Apple sometimes refers to this version of the MacBook Pro as the unibody model. The company crafted both the top and bottom panels on this version of the MacBook from a single piece of aluminum. While this creates some visual uniqueness in the design of the MacBook Pro, it can also contribute to its durability. The single-piece construction makes the body of the MacBook Pro quad-core i7 thin, but it also makes it more rigid and harder to flex. This enhanced rigidity could make the laptop's frame more durable and resistant to impacts from falls.

Can you choose your own screen size?

Apple produced the second version of the MacBook Pro with quad-core Intel i7 hardware with three screen sizes that you can choose. You can use the sidebar on eBay to narrow your search and find the MacBook that has the screen size that suits your preferences. This iteration of the MacBook Pro is available in dimensions of 13, 15, or 17 inches.

How much data can the MacBook Pro hold?

MacBook Pro laptops are available on eBay with different hard drive sizes. Most hard drive capacities are measured in gigabytes or terabytes. You can store multiple file types on one drive. Some common capacities you can find on eBay include 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB.

Can you get a used MacBook quad-core i7?

You will find several used MacBook Pro quad-core Intel i7 models available for purchase on eBay. In most cases, you will see specific details as to the condition of the laptop and any natural wear and tear you find. A pre-owned laptop may be in brand new physical condition but lack its proper packaging and papers. Even if you find cosmetic differences on pre-owned items, they should function as intended.

If you would like to purchase a used MacBook Pro that looks like its new counterparts, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to look for refurbished items. A refurbished quad-core MacBook Pro should look, feel, and perform much like a new one. Note that many pre-owned laptops may come loaded with additional features or hardware.