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Picking a Tablet Case

What's a little bit of both worlds between a computer and a smartphone? With an iPad, you can do almost anything a computer can do without the weight and bulk. An iPad from Apple is a wonderfully convenient tool for business or hobbies wherever you go, so make sure it stays safe with an iPad case or folio. Then you can browse the Internet, write reports, and play games anytime you want.

What Kinds of Cases Are Available?

For your iPad Air 2, you may need more than one case depending on how you use your device and where you use it. If it's for casual use at home, then a case with a keyboard case and Smart Cover probably isn't necessary. There are several options:

  • Case: A standard case can be hard- or soft-shell, and usually clips onto the iPad Air around the screen, ensuring no damage if you drop or bump it. You can also add a screen protector to ensure no part of your iPad Air 2 gets damaged.
  • Sleeve: Sleeves are often leather with a soft microfiber lining, and they fit snugly around your tablet and its accessories (such as an electronic stylus). The materials prevent the tablet from scratching.
  • Keyboard folio: This kind of case serves to allow you to fold your iPad Air 2 and keyboard into one flat surface but has a small kickstand to serve as a laptop when you're working. Most folios will act as a Smart Cover as well, automatically putting the device to sleep when closed.

What are the Color Options?

When looking for an iPad Air 2 case, you can find almost any color you desire. Add some brightness with an electric blue magnetic case to suit the name iPad Air. Or if you prefer pastels, look at cases in soft pink and tan. The classic black is always a good option, or you can still go dark yet colorful with midnight blue, deep red, or dark fuchsia.

What Material is for Me?

Cases and covers for iPads and tablets come in a variety of different materials that serve different purposes. While one type of material is not inherently better than the other, there may be one that suits your specific needs. Case materials for an iPad Air 2 can divide into two categories:

  • Hard cases: Ideal for frequent travelers who always have their Apple device on them, hard-shell cases aim to protect the iPad from falls and promote a longer lifespan for your tablet. The strongest of these hard cases are TPU, hard plastic, and silicone.
  • Soft cases: Soft cases, including leather, polyurethane, Moleskin, nylon, and foam, do not protect the tablet from falls, but do prevent scratches and are available in a much wider array of colors and designs.

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