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Make Any Event Special With a Bubble Machine

Are you planning a fun party, concert, or other big event and want to make sure it is special and memorable? A bubble machine from eBay can fill the air with sparkling bubbles and add to the festive atmosphere of a celebration. Many various types of these machines are available, with features designed to produce a myriad of bubble amounts and effects.

What features are available in bubble machines?

All machines produce bubbles, but some can do even more. Depending on the type of bubble machine you select, you may be able to enjoy these great features:

  • Fog: A machine that also has fog capabilities will produce a foggy mist that drifts through the air.
  • Lighting: You can find options with colorful spotlights, lasers, and other lighting styles.
  • Mist-filled bubbles: Some styles let you create bubbles that are filled with fog, so you get a fogging effect as bubbles begin to pop.
  • Remote controlled: If you want to be able to use the machine without having to stand by it, select a product with a remote feature.
What bubble machine is right for your event?

There are many types of bubble machines, but you do not need to be overwhelmed. Certain styles work best for specific types of events.

  • Concerts: On a big stage, you need to select a high-output bubble blower that can create enough bubbles to float over the entire concert.
  • Children's birthday parties: For a party bubble machine, look for styles with fun novelty shapes. Kids' bubble machines in the shape of a friendly frog, clown, or flower can match your birthday party.
  • Weddings: Choose a portable style that is easy to maneuver around the wedding venue.
  • DJ events: The professional bubble machine style that comes with lighting options works well for DJing events.
  • Holiday parties: Add to your party's atmosphere by getting a combined bubble and fog machine.
Is any machine compatible with any bubble solution?

Depending on the type of machine you get, you may be able to use homemade bubble solutions, normal bubble liquid, or specially made bubble-machine fillers. Using the wrong type of bubble liquid may result in small bubbles, diminished volume, or machine clogs. Most machines do best when you use a heavy, syrup-like solution with the machine. Check the product manufacturer's recommendations to see which type of bubble liquid will work best for the machine.