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A Guide to Buying Fog Machines

If you need to add a little extra effect to your party or performance, fog machines provide a visual enhancement for any event. There are a variety of different fog machines available for purchase. On eBay, you can find affordable fog machines that make them an attractive option for purchase as opposed to a fog machine rental.

What features are available in fog machines in the marketplace?
  • Remote control - Some devices are operated on the machine itself, while others may use a wireless remote control for easy operation. This is a good choice for special effects in theaters.
  • Tank capacity - Since users must add some kind of fluid to make the fog, the larger tanks mean less effort to add the fluid.
  • Machine size - Machines that are compact and lightweight are more portable and easier to deploy. In addition, they are less intrusive.
  • Output - Fog machines should emit enough fog to attract attention. Buyers should look for machines with higher output measures because that means more fog as opposed to less. The measure of output is cubic feet per minute.
What are some of the available machines?

Types of machines that you can find on eBay include:

  • Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex - This machine has one of the higher outputs available in the market at 25,000 cubic feet per minute.
  • Chauvet DJ Geyser P4 - This machine mixes fog with UV lights to provide a pyrotechnic effect.
  • Antari W-510 - This machine features a long-range remote that makes it suitable to operate at shows and plays.
  • Chauvet DJ Hurricane 901 - This smaller size unit is one of the entry-level options that are available for purchase.
What is the difference between a heated and chilled machine?

Chilled fog machines use liquid nitrogen or liquid air and create low-level clouds that rise. The effects of the fog created by this machine are similar to dry ice. Heated fog machines are given a mixture of propylene glycol and water to vaporize the mixture. Most fog machines in the marketplace are heated machines. Heated machines take in the \"fog juice\" and produce the fog effect inside the machine.

What are some uses of fog machines?

These machines are mostly used in plays or performances. In addition, you may find that these machines are suitable for a holiday or Halloween display. Also, fog machines are recently being used as part of security systems for confusing intruders.