Mangueras de combustible de rendimiento automático, líneas y accesorios

Auto Performance Fuel Hoses, Lines, and Fittings

Fuel lines are some of the most important parts of an engine. Without fuel, combustion cant occur to fire the engine, and leaking fuel can be both costly and dangerous. Replacing your fuel hoses and fittings can improve the life and performance of your cars engine.

What materials are fuel hoses made from?

You can find hoses in a variety of different materials. All of them vary in their flexibility and durability. Nylon or rubber hoses are very flexible and easy to install. You can also find hoses made from a braided combination of nylon and stainless steel, but they are more rigid and require a bit more finesse to install.

What types of fittings and adapters are available?

To make things simple, you can purchase a kit that includes all of the hoses and fittings youll need for your specific engine. If youre looking for a more customized approach or you have modified the engine, there are a multitude of different fittings and adapters available to suit different types of fuel lines and engines. Here are some examples:

  • Hose fittings: There are different types of fittings for the end of hoses that suit the different types and diameters of hosing and the fitting it will be attaching to. The fittings will have a male and a female end. The male end will either be inserted into the end of the hose or into another fitting while the female end will either grip a fitting or grip the outside of a hose end.
  • Couplers: Couplers will either have two male ends or two female ends. They are made to join two hoses together. The ends can either be threaded or part of a clamping system where the male and female fittings join snugly via a series of small balls in a channel in the rim of the female fitting that snap inward behind a lip on the male fitting when its fully inserted, locking it into place.
  • Adapters: A wide range of adapters can be found to suit different fuel line and engine setups. Adapters will change the fitting on the end from either one style of coupling to another or from one size to another. If the end of a fuel line is the wrong size or type to fit into a piece of the engine or fuel system, an adapter can be found to make the union.
How do you know which lines are right for your vehicle?

Most kits will be tailored to a certain vehicle or engine. Theyll include all of the parts you need to replace the lines. If youre buying the pieces separately, your user manual or mechanics guide will have the details of your fuel system, including the hose sizes, the fittings and adapters used, and where each piece fits.