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Autolite Car and Truck Spark and Glow Plugs

If your car or truck needs new spark plugs or glow plugs, Autolite offers a full range of replacement parts. The company makes spark plugs that can replace the stock spark plugs in your vehicle or that can enhance the performance of your existing vehicle. Autolite car and truck spark and glow plugs are available for gasoline and diesel engines as well as high-performance racing motors.

What are spark plugs and glow plugs?

Spark and glow plugs are used to deliver electrical current from the ignition into the engines cylinders. This process allows the motor to start and begin running. Spark plugs are designed for gasoline engines while glow plugs are designed for diesel engines.

When do you need to replace your spark plugs?

Spark and glow plugs should typically be replaced between 80,000 and 100,000 miles though you should check your vehicles manual to know the exact replacement interval. Replacing the spark plugs ensures that your motor runs smoothly with increased fuel efficiency and a more comfortable ride. Replacing spark plugs as needed will result in an extended life for your car or truck by keeping the motor running at peak efficiency.

What are the characteristics of Autolite spark plugs?

Spark plugs have various features among different car and truck models. You should always ensure that you are buying the correct spark plug for your car or truck and get the exact model number of the parts you need to replace the stock plugs.

  • Material composition: Autolite spark plugs are available in several different compositions. Autolite plugs that are made of an iridium alloy, platinum, or copper can be purchased.
  • Heat range: Your engine will dictate which heat range of Autolite spark plug you should buy. Spark plugs can range from a hot heat range to a cold heat range, depending on the length of the insulator tip. In older cars, it can be useful to use an Autolite spark plug with a hotter heat range for city driving and with a cooler heat range for highway driving. In modern fuel-injected cars, this is not necessary. Racing plugs tend to have a colder heat range.
  • Threading: Autolite manufactures several different sizes of spark or glow plugs, and you should ensure that you purchase the one that fits your motor. Plugs are commonly manufactured in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 18mm sizes.
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