Ensure You Are Never Without the Appropriate Aviation Gear

The most proficient and safest pilots know that use of the senses is paramount to flying the aircraft, and effective communication is critical to flying safely. eBay offers an immense selection of new and pre-owned aviation headsets to enhance and ensure that your flights are safe ones. Find an affordable model that you need for your flying needs with one simple eBay search.

Why is owning the right aviation headset so important?

Flying an airplane or riding in one is not the same as riding in a car. There is much more noise in an airplane, and it is critical that the pilot-in-charge (PIC) be in communication with the control tower at times. Pilots also communicate with each other on certain frequencies for safety reasons and even for basic information such as NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen).

If you are a passenger in an aircraft, it may be difficult to interact with the PIC unless both of you are wearing an aviation headset. If you are, you can just speak into the microphone. Just as hearing is one of the most critical components of flying, the use of headsets also provides communication, comfort, and ease. Headsets also protect your hearing from the noise of the aircraft.

What are some of the models found on eBay?

There are many appealing variations of aviation headphones to be found on eBay. Here are some of the brands you can easily plug into.

  • Bose
  • Aviat
  • David Clark
  • Telex
  • UFO
With whom does the pilot communicate using an aviation headset?

The safety of all passengers in an airplane often hinges upon communicating through the headset(s). PICs and passengers might chat during a flight, but the control tower has the capacity to break into the conversation any time they contact the airplane (the PIC will have squawked onto a frequency assigned to him orher by the tower). Here are some other entities that the PIC may contact via the aviation headset:

  • The control tower in a controlled airspace
  • Flight Service Station for a weather briefing
  • The destination fixed base operator (FBO) for miscellaneous needs such as a taxi, catering, motel, etc. upon arrival
  • Other pilots that might be flying in the vicinity, or that might have NOTAMS (notices to airmen) that are of relevance
  • Passengers within the airplane