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BBS Wheels

BBS is a manufacturer of auto parts that creates a large number of items. BBS wheels include a variety of different brands and rims, and they can fit on a large number of vehicle types. Understanding these brand variations will ensure that you get the right wheels for your needs.

What rim sizes are available?

The diameter of your rims is measured in inches and represents the circumference of your wheel. Depending on your vehicle type, the size of your rims will vary wildly. For example, some BBS wheels are as small as 15 inches and are suitable for smaller sports coupes or compact cars.

However, other automobiles, like trucks or vans, may need larger rims. These include size ranges between 17-22 inches. Broader types are necessary for vehicles with more clearance, such as large pickups or even delivery vans.

What widths are available?

Like the diameter, your BBS wheels will vary in their width. Typically, the range here is from about 7-12 inches. The field breaks down into half inches throughout. So, while you can buy 7-inch wheels on eBay Motors, you can also find those that are 7.5 inches.

What bolt patterns are available?

The bolt pattern for your BBS wheels will vary depending on the brand of car on which you install them. Typical ranges include options like 4x100, 5x100, and 5x108. This measurement indicates the number of bolts used to hold your wheels down and their distance from each other in millimeters. Other options available from BBS include:

  • 5x112
  • 5x114.3
  • 5x120
  • 5x130
  • 6x139.7
What types of offset are available?

Wheel offset is the measurement of where your wheel hub is mounted on your car. It is measured as the distance from the center of your car and can be either positive or negative. Positive offset means that your wheel is in front of the center while negative means that they are at the back.

Like many other types of wheel measurements, the offset is measured in millimeters. This range includes zero, 20, 25, 32, 35, 38, 40, and 45 millimeters.

What types of colors are available?

When choosing your rims, you have many colors from which you can choose. For example, you can buy a basic gray or anthracite rim to create a simple style for your car brand.

However, other colors include black, gold, red, and even silver. These colors will be more noticeable than the typical choices available on the market.