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Baby High Chairs

A baby high chair is a benefit at any family table. It's a way for the child to have a place to eat that is comfortable before they are old enough to sit in a standard chair. Features on the high chair should be considered before purchasing one for the home or one that you take with you when you travel.

How should you choose a high chair?

  • Appropriate size for the baby's age: When your baby can sit up on their own, then it's usually a good time to get a high chair. A booster seat is also an option when your baby is older. When you begin looking for a booster, you want to look for one with a tray and one that has support for the back.
  • Ease of use: Find a high chair that is easy to use for you and your baby. Examine the tray and the buckles to ensure that they are easy to operate, especially if you need to quickly get your child out of the high chair.
  • Comfort: Most high chairs have some kind of padded seat to provide comfort. They usually have a padded back as well.
  • Features: Some high chairs are convertible while others only have a tray that you can remove and the seat.
  • Brand: The brand of the high chair should also be taken into consideration. Some are easier to clean or offer additional items that come with the chair.

What types of high chairs are available? When you begin looking for a high chair for your baby, you'll notice that there are several kinds to choose from depending on necessity and what you're looking for regarding comfort and function. A convertible chair is one that can change into a booster seat or a seat with a handle so that you can move your child from the table to another area of the home. A portable high chair is usually smaller and can be taken with you to a restaurant or someone else's home. They are a good option to have if you travel on a regular basis or if other people look after your baby while you're not at home. There are also seats that convert to a booster with a separate tray table.

What are some safety features of a high chair? Most chairs have safety features that include a belt and buckle or a harness that will prevent sliding. Some chairs are simple and only have a seat, tray, and belt.

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