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Baby Thermometers

Babies and toddlers tend to run a fever more easily and frequently than older kids or adults. Getting an accurate reading of your baby's body temperature is important, especially when the child is sick. While the traditional glass mercury thermometer was invaluable in its time, recent advances in technology make it possible to more quickly and accurately check your baby for a fever.

What kinds of baby thermometers are available?

The two general types of thermometers for babies and kids are digital and infrared models. A digital thermometer resembles the classic mercury shape and is meant to be used as an oral, armpit, or rectal thermometer. The reading is displayed on a digital screen. An infrared option uses scanning technology to measure body temperature. Ear and forehead scanners are two kinds of infrared thermometers designed to be used on those specific areas, while some scanning thermometers can be used on multiple sites.

What areas of the body are used to checking temperatures?

Taking a rectal reading is the most accurate way to assess an infant's core temperature. The armpit or under the tongue are also good locations. Ear and forehead readings can be highly accurate as well if they are performed correctly. Some body sites require a degree to be subtracted or added to reflect true core temperature. Consult you child's doctor for more information. Devices like an infant pacifier thermometer can be useful for general monitoring. The pacifier measurement should be followed up with a reading from a more precise thermometer.

How does an ear thermometer work?

An ear thermometer functions by inserting the thermometer tip into the ear canal and pressing a button to start taking a reading. Scan times vary by model, but most will provide a result within several seconds. The ThermoScan by Braun delivers fast, accurate readings and offers several features for safety and convenience: a warmed tip for child comfort, disposable lens cover, previous reading memory, and a flexible tip to safely and precisely guide the thermometer into the ear canal.

How does a forehead thermometer work?

Forehead thermometers work by measuring the temperature of blood flowing through the temporal artery. Since this vessel carries blood directly from the heart and is close to the skin's surface, a forehead scanner can provide an accurate measurement for babies and kids.

How long do baby thermometers take to get a reading?

Anyone who has ever tried to take the temperature of a squirmy child appreciates a rapid result. Ear and forehead thermometers can deliver a reading in as little as three seconds, and digital thermometers used in the rectal, oral, or auxiliary sites typically take up to one to two minutes although certain models can provide a reading in as little as eight seconds.

What are some baby thermometer brands and models?

Braun, Kinsa, Exergen, Vicks, MABIS, and FridaBaby are some of the companies that offer digital, forehead, and ear thermometers.