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Balenciaga Women's Handbags and Purses

Balenciaga is a luxury fashion brand that was established in Spain in 1919 and is known for its edgy, unconventional look. Balenciaga women’s bags, handbags, totes, clutches, and purses are made from fine Italian leather, using detailed craftsmanship and innovative design.

What should you look for in a Balenciaga handbag?

Look at the details, which are key elements in a designer bag. You will find precise stitching and weighty, precise fastenings on a Balenciaga handbag.

What colors do Balenciaga bags come in?

The original Balenciaga bags were made in classic black, brown, and rust shades. Later styles feature color, with lots of geometric stripes and florals. These are styles pioneered by Balenciaga and are considered an easily recognizable, signature look. The linings sometimes show a brilliant color. You can expect to find compartments for organization inside the bag, with convenient pockets for mobile phones, keys, and other small items.

What styles of Balenciaga bags are there?

Many Balenciaga bags are crafted from fine leather. Some classic styles include the squared-off, short-handled satchel or tote; the clutch, with or without crossbody straps; and the duffel-like doctor bag. The Giant City bag is recognizable as a Balenciaga and worth considering for a fine handbag collection. All these bags are highly functional as well as stylish, due to thick leather and decorative metallic bolts.

You can also choose a bag with a nontraditional shape, like the triangle bag. However, most handbags are made with function as well as form in mind. Balenciaga handbags made after 2015 are sleekly styled for the professional woman who wants a designer look suitable for the office. Some other bags feature bright floral patterns. Many feature boldly colored horizontal stripes that mimic the Parisian shopping tote, a design classic by Balenciaga.

Where are Balenciaga's leather handbags made?

Balenciaga leather handbags are often made in Italy. The design house, founded by Cristobal Balenciaga in Spain in 1919, had moved to Paris by 1937. Balenciaga was a self-taught artist, but his originality took him to the top of Paris’ couture fashion culture very quickly. The House of Balenciaga is owned by the French company Kering.

How do you care for a fine leather handbag?

Fine leather can benefit from a cream or polish applied at regular intervals to keep it conditioned, soft, and dust-free. You may find that your handbag is accompanied by a dust bag for protective storage. This can allow you to store your fine leather bag safely away at the end of the day.