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Frequently Asked Questions About Banksy Original Art Prints

Banksy is a graffiti artist, known for his three-dimensional works of art. Critics and artists describe his work as street art or graffiti art with undertones of societal conditions and politics. You can find inexpensive Banksy original art prints on eBay.

What are some of his graffiti balloon girl pieces?

Banksy created a mural depicting a young girl, who is either reaching for or letting go of a heart-shaped red balloon. In white are the words, \"There is always hope.\" Canvas prints of this picture range in a variety of sizes from 11 inches by 14 inches to several canvas panels that will cover a wall.

Another balloon girl scene involves a young girl with braided hair being lifted into the air by a bunch of balloons. The child and balloon bouquet are both black.

What are some of the monkey canvas prints?

Banksy created graffiti art and murals involving monkeys and satire. Some of the prints are:

  • Director: The scene is of a chimpanzee clinging to a light pole holding a directors clapboard. The chimp is wearing a backward baseball cap and studio headphones.
  • Thinker: A chimp sits with his chin resting on his hand, in the same fashion as the bronze statue.
  • Laugh Now: The monkey wears an over-the-shoulder billboard sign that says, \"Laugh now, but one day well be in charge.\"
  • Detonator: A chimp stands on a bright-yellow detonation box and holds the handle as if he is going to push it.
  • Parliament: The scene depicts the entire British parliament with chimps or apes sitting in the booths instead of people.
What are some of Banksys postcards?

Postcard art is made on 4x6-inch paper. There are some limited-edition Banksy prints from the postcard line. They are printed using offset lithography. The highwayman card has a black silhouette holding onto a bucking horse. The silhouette waves a roller brush used for painting.

The crude oil series is a box set of 10 postcards. One of the cards is a painting of a couple dancing on a beach, and in the background, there is a toxic-waste type of event happening. Another card has dying sunflowers. There may be some unopened box sets.

How many prints are in the Kate Moss pop series?

Kate Moss is a model, and she was the subject of a lineup where she appeared to look like Marilyn Monroe. They are headshot pictures, and the colors are abstract. There are six scenes. The color of her hair changes in each picture: red, green, gray, blue, peach, and yellow. He used her in many other posters as well.

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