Los generadores de la Batería

Best Strategy When Purchasing Generator Batteries

Purchasing a home power generator is a good investment for the future. Although it is a rare occurrence, power outages do happen during emergencies and extreme weather. A power generator would be nothing without the actual generator battery to store and release collected electricity. eBay offers generator batteries in varying styles and at various affordable price points.

What are the types of generator batteries?

The generator batteries are lead-acid ones for the most part. The two different types are:

  • Maintenance-free- These can also be called sealed batteries.
  • Conventional- These are the typical batteries that have individual caps for each cell in order to fill and test the electrolytes.
How do you prolong the lifespan of batteries?

There are many factors that can shorten or maximize the lifespan of batteries. These tips will help you in purchasing and maintaining your product in a way that will prolong its lifespan:

  • Correct battery size - It is important to buy the correct battery size for your generator.
  • Product application - Consider the application of the product when purchasing it.
  • Maintenance - Keep a log of the date you purchased the battery to know when its lifespan is due to end. Also, check the gravity specifics of the electrolytes of each individual cell and make sure that they correlates with the manufacturer's specifications. Also remember to add the appropriate electrolyte mixture and distilled water to keep up with the manufacturer specifications.
  • Monitor - Make sure that the trickle charge is always available. Test the voltage at regular intervals of time. Make sure you perform load test at regular time intervals.
How do you choose the proper battery size?

Battery size is determined by the size of the generator and the configuration that the product is going to power. It is important to know the product's specifications before purchasing. To find your battery size, make sure that the battery can be used for all types of applications including low temperatures, hazardous atmosphere, and other factors. The generator set's manufacturer specifications should have a description of what type and size of battery is recommended to purchase to power different types of applications. If there is an available one already, compare it with the specifications of the manufacturer. If the battery exceeds the specifications, you can choose an installed battery. When purchasing a battery, make sure to consider the lifespan of the battery and whether it meets or exceeds the specifications of the generator's manufacturer.