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Expose Your Photo Negatives Using Beseler Carriers

Beseler has been producing equipment and accessories used in photography for more than a century. Negative carriers offer you one way you can protect and expose your photographic negatives when you are at work in a darkroom. Understanding how these devices work, what types you can choose, and how to care for them may help locate the product that meets your photography needs.

What are negative carriers?

Negative carriers are designed to hold your unexposed negatives in a particular position while you expose or work on them in a darkroom. They are an essential part of darkroom photography equipment. If you are working with a photo enlarger or scanner, you may need to use such a carrier to hold the negatives in place and prevent the equipment from scratching the image. Most of these carriers have a round or oval shape with a cutout in the center to expose the image. Each carrier works with a specific size of negative. See the manufacturer site for details.

How do negative carriers work?

Most Beseler negative carriers are designed to function in similar ways. The following basic guidelines could be applied to several of these products:

  • Grip: A negative carrier is the part of the photography equipment that grips the film negative at its edges. Gripping the negative along its outer edges may help to avoid scratching the image that is on the negative.
  • Position: Most of these devices are designed to hold the negative on a flat plane that is parallel the lens or scanning equipment you are using. They do this by holding the film between two glass plates.
How do you maintain Beseler negative carriers?

Because you may often use these carriers in conjunction with sensitive photo negatives, you may wish to know how to maintain and care for them. The specific steps you would use to take care of these items can vary based on the materials used in their construction and how they operate. You may be able to use the general guidelines below as a basis for maintaining your negative carriers:

  • Cleaning: Clean the inner and outer surfaces of your carrier before or after each use. If the design of your carrier traps the photo negative between two plates, it may also trap dust and debris along with the negative.
  • Maintenance: Check along the edges of the device for any cracks or other problems that may interfere with its ability to hold a photo negative in place properly.
  • Storage: You can store your carriers with the rest of your photography equipment for easy access.
What sizes of Beseler negative carriersare available?

These devices are usually sized according to the type of negative they will hold or the size of the equipment that matches them. If you already have a photo enlarger, you may wish to purchase a carrier that will fit it. Some common sizes you may find include:

  • 35mm full frame
  • 6x6 centimeters
  • 6x9 centimeters
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