Blazers for Men

Choosing the Right Men’s Blazers for Your Personal Style

A men’s blazer is one of the most important items in your closet. Pair it with slacks for an elegant look that’s suitable for dinner, or wear it with jeans for a business-casual ensemble. Whether you’re going for a formal evening outfit or a date-night option, it’s easy to find a blazer that suits your unique style.

What are some design features on men’s blazers?

The design features of a blazer define its unique style. Some of the most common options are:

  • Elbow patches: These patches, which are often made from a contrasting material, communicate a classic academic vibe.
  • Stripes: From traditional pinstripes to bold, wide stripes, this fabric makes a strong visual statement.
  • Lapels: Lapels come in narrow and wide sizes; wider lapels tend to give a blazer a retro twist. Most styles feature a notched design, which features a small triangular cutout near the neck. Peaked lapels are less common but very striking; this style features lapel points that point upward. Even more rare is the shawl collar, which doesn’t have notches or points. It’s most common on vintage smoking jackets, and often comes in a contrasting fabric.
  • Hem length: Blazers come with both long and short hemlines. The right choice for you depends on your height; in most cases, the blazer should offer full coverage for your backside.
What situations is a double-breasted blazer suited for?

As you’re shopping, you might come across a double-breasted blazer. This type is less common than a single-breasted suit; it features two parallel vertical rows of buttons with wide, overlapping flaps. These blazers were in style from the 1940s to the 1980s, so they often suit a more vintage aesthetic. Contemporary versions feature more streamlined shapes. In most cases, a double-breasted blazer suits a formal occasion, such as a wedding or an evening event for work. However, if you find a slim-cut version, you can also wear this style as everyday workwear in a high-fashion setting.

What is the difference between double-vent and single-vent blazers?

A vent is the slit in the back of the blazer. Its purpose is to allow you to move. American-style blazers usually feature a single vent that’s positioned in the middle of the back hem. This is a versatile option that suits men of almost any size and shape. A double-vented blazer features two slits. If you need to sit for long periods of time, this can be a more comfortable option — however, it’s usually a matter of personal preference.