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How to Choose 8mm Movie Cameras and Accessories

Some consumers may be interested in finding a C8 reflex still camera or one of the many other Paillard cameras. Consumers who are shopping for a specific brand of movie camera, like the Paillard-Bolex 8mm film camera with or without zoom lens features, may find this line of products referred to by other names that include Paillard and Kern-Paillard. Choosing an 8mm film reflex still camera, lens, film, or other accessories can be an exciting adventure when shoppers know more about these collectible items.

Are There Different Types of 8mm Film Available?

Whether the film is for the B8, C8, or other types of Paillard movie cameras, there are a few different choices within this film category, so it is important to find the type of film format that fits the camera intended for use. The 8mm film comes with a glossy finish on one side, which makes it easy for consumers to spot and install it like clockwork once they are familiar with this type of camera film. Some choices for this film include:

  • Standard and Super 8mm Film: Also referred to as regular 8mm film, this film was a more economical choice for home cinematographers over 16mm film. It is also the choice of film schools to use as an introduction to filmmaking.
  • Single and Double 8mm Film: Although the Single-8 film is part of the Super 8 product line, this film cassette spool design sits one on top of the other, which differs from the Super 8, so shoppers should ensure this is the right fit for their camera. Within the Super 8 film product line, there is the Double 8, which is twice as wide but split down the middle after splicing one side and rerunning on the other side so you use both sides.
  • Super 8mm Film: The Super 8mm film has a co-axial cassette design and is the same width as the standard 8 variety, but this version has more widely spaced perforations, which create a larger image.

Are There Any Accessories for the Paillard-Bolex Film Camera?

Consumers have a range of accessories available to use with their 8mm camera. Some accessories on the market include:

  • Lenses: These film camera models come in styles that can be of the reflex or nonreflex varieties, and may or may not include lens zoom capabilities. Depending on the model, these camera styles may use only one lens. Check the film camera before investing in this accessory to make sure the camera lens is interchangeable.
  • Leather Case: Genuine and faux leather cases are soft and supple, which helps to protect the viewfinder and other sensitive equipment from scratches.
  • Film Camera Parts: Just because a movie camera has a broken part or two does not mean that the home movie maker is unsalvageable. Shoppers are not only able to find a lens and film, they can also find shutters, spring motors, turrets, and other parts to get this home movie maker up and running again in no time.