Bose Aviation Headset and Aviation Pilot Gear for Silent Flights

If you want to enjoy a quiet trip as a private aircraft operator or a professional pilot, you might want to consider one of the new or pre-owned Bose aviation headsets or aviation pilot gear in this eBay category. The reasonably priced Bose headphones within this selection are designed with aviation purposes in mind, and they have a number of special features.

What are the advantages of Bose aviation headsets?

Traditional aviation headsets dont cut out most of the noise that is made by airplanes. This noise can be distressing on long flights, and over time, it can impact your hearing. The efficient Bose noise-cancelling headsets, however, use a special energetic field to block out nearly all the noise that is produced by commercial and private aircraft. This active noise-cancelling feature allows you to focus on the matter at hand, and it also protects your hearing.

What are some of the features of these headsets?

Unlike most Bose noise reduction headphones, the active noise-cancelling aviation headsets have microphones. This feature helps you stay in touch with your pilot or copilot, and it also allows pilots to send messages over the intercom to passengers. In addition, these aviation headsets fold for storage. For instance, the Bose A20 aviation headset not only folds and has noise reduction properties, but it also has Bluetooth capabilities. You also have the option of choosing a headset that has a six-pin connector instead of a standard 3.5 mm jack.

Which accessories and replacement parts are there?

There are a variety of upgrade or replacement parts available for these aviation headsets that can be found on eBay. Some of the options include the following:

  • Carrying cases: These cases make it easy to take your headset from place to place. They zip up for easy storage.
  • Replacement bands: Over time, the bands on these headsets may become subject to wear and tear. Thankfully, replacements are available in a number of different colors. If you get tired of the color of your current band, you can also replace it for purely aesthetic reasons.
  • Replacement stirrups: Stirrups help keep the earpieces of these headsets on your ears. They can be replaced if necessary.
  • Replacement ear cushions: Ear cushions have the biggest impact on your comfort of any part of your headset. They can be replaced, and there are also upgraded versions available.
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