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Get Stronger in Comfort With Bowflex Home Gyms

Home gyms provide an all-in-one means of doing resistance training in the comfort of your home. In such a small footprint, you can do various strength training exercises the intensity of which varies depending on the weight you put on the system. These devices are also cleverly designed to both save space and provide enough tools at your disposal so you can firm up the muscles that you are targeting.

Why Would I Need a Home Gym?

  • Convenience: No need to walk to the car, drive to the gym, shower at the gym, and then head to wherever else you need to be. Having a home gym also means you can schedule your training much easier since you're home at one point every day. If you simply don't have time to do your workouts in the morning, you can hit the weights when you get home after work. Your home gym will always be waiting for you.
  • Multiple Exercises: Home gyms provide a relatively comprehensive workout for fitness. Upper and lower body strength increase when you use training equipment like presses, pads, and bars, which are all hooked up to the equipment's weight system.

How Do Bowflex Home Gyms Work?

  • Power Rod Technology: This unique technology replaces weights with metal rods that provide the resistive force normally provided by gravity in traditional weighted systems. It incorporates pulleys and hooked clips that attach to the rods. The various equipment at your disposal is designed in such a way that you do not need to constantly remove and attach the clips when you switch between fitness exercises.
  • SpiraFlex Technology: This is an innovative design that uses a clever system of discs with internals that provide constant resistance throughout each repetition. This machine works by having plates mounted on a spindle that rotates with each pull. Each plate has heavy duty elastic straps that stretch when the disc rotates around the center as you perform an exercise. This allows for a compact machine that provides high, consistent resistance.

What Home Gym Models Can I Choose From?

  • Revolution: The Revolution home gym uses the SpiraFlex technology. You can do over 100 exercises with 400 variations, making it an extremely versatile option.
  • Xtreme 2 SE: This Bowflex machine uses the patented Power Rod technology that allows for seamless changes between exercises with its no-change pulley system. This saves time from never having to change the clips as you switch between workout types.

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