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Canon Camera Chargers

Some Canon devices are battery powered, which requires charging from external pieces and a power supply. These battery chargers are manufactured to meet the specifications for their given batteries and require little care to maintain their functionality. The type of device you have will determine which charging equipment youll need to charge your devices battery.

What type of Canon devices require a charger?

Some types of Canon cameras, like digital ones, require a charger. The following types of batteries all require a charger:

  • NP series for professional photographers
  • BP series for typical consumer devices
  • NB series of lightweight devices
  • LP series for newer professional devices
How do you find what Canon camera you have?

The serial number is typically a 12 digit number or a 6-10 digit number for older models. It is usually printed in black text, but can sometimes be printed in white ink, particularly for EOS-1 series models. Its most often listed in a silver box, but can also be printed on the bottom piece of the device. The serial number is also listed in the owners manual and on the original box or packaging.

What types of chargers does Canon make?

This company manufactures four kinds of battery chargers for their cameras. Kits include extra parts like batteries or power cords, while simpler versions offer one piece set ups.

  • Standard chargers - These usually connect to the device itself and end in a standard wall plug.
  • Charging kits - These can allow you to charge the battery itself, instead of connecting to the device. Simply remove your devices battery and place it in the charger.
  • Car models - These end in a car lighter plug.
  • Cradles and docks - These provide a base to sit your device on, rather than keeping it at a strange angle to accommodate the charge cord.
How long does it take a camera battery to charge?

Digital Canon cameras vary slightly in total charge time. The type of battery, digital device, and charger you have all influence the total time required to charge. From a completely discharged state or the first time your battery is charged, expect about a two-hour charging time. The LP-E4N battery pack can take about 130 minutes, while the LP-E4 battery pack can take about 120 minutes.

What types of adapters and connectors are required?

This companys batteries for current models plug directly into the charger. This piece is then plugged into an AC outlet for main models or special kits. Car chargers work similarly. The battery is inserted directly into the device, which is then plugged directly into a car cigarette lighter.

Is additional care required to keep a charger functional?

While Canon batteries can charge from any traditional AC outlet, be sure to charge in a room temperature at least 41 degrees F. Many factors can be influenced by temperature over a long term, including charge strength, charge time, battery life, and battery charger lifespan.

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