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What You Need to Know Before Your Canon 35mm f2 Lens Purchase

The 35 millimeter has been a staple focal length in a photographer's kit for generations. With the addition of the f2 aperture, photographers can now have more control than ever before. Below is some information to consider when purchasing a 35-millimeter f2 lens on eBay.

What versions of the Canon 35-millimeter f2 are there?

As with every other purchase, there are several options to choose from when purchasing a Canon f2 version of the 35-millimeter lens. Canon has produced a couple different versions of this lens since the 1970s. These are the options that you have to choose from:

  • The Canon EF 35mm f2 non IS: This has been around the longest of the EF versions of this lens. The lens has no built-in image stabilization. To avoid camera shake in lower light, you may want to consider a tripod while this lens is in use.
  • The Canon EF 35mm f2 IS USM: This lens has snappy auto-focus from the USM. The lens is also stabilized for better hand-held shots in low light conditions.
  • The Canon FD 35mm f2: This is the earliest of the lenses and will not function in conjunction with current EOS EF camera systems unless you use an adapter.
Why should you buy a used camera lens?

There is a significant amount of money to be saved when you buy a higher-end used lens on eBay. Quality glass stays good for years with care, so age doesn't always mean a deterioration in quality. This gives photographers starting out with entry-level gear a way to work up to using higher-end lens at an affordable price. eBay has a large selection of used Canon 35-millimeter f2 lenses that were listed above.

How do you select a used lens?

When selecting used lens, you'll have access to all the same product spec and feature information as if it were new. However, here are some things to look out for when searching through used lens:

  • Lens: Check the photos of the lens in the listing to detect possible physical damage to any functional component of the lens.
  • Photos: If possible, examine some Canon 35-millimeter f2 sample photos taken with the specific lens you are interested in to make sure there are no detectable defects such as cloudy spots, mold, or large dirt/dust particles.
What is a refurbished lens?

The Canon 35-millimeter f2 refurbished lens is a used lens that has been sent back to the manufacturer or certified repair center, completely examined, repaired, and then sold as refurbished. In the end, the lens will perform as if it just came off the production line.

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