Record Your Surroundings With a Car Dash Cam

When youre on the road, anything can happen. To make sure youre protecting yourself, you can install a camera that can be mounted on your dash. There are many types of affordable cameras available on eBay.

What are some features to be aware of?

Dash cams have various capabilities. Each model may have different features that could include the following:

  • Wide angle:With a wide-angle lens, you can capture important information even if something doesnt happen directly in front of your car. Many of the wide-angle lenses can capture 120 degrees of images; some can record 150 or even 170 degrees of images.
  • Night vision:With a traditional camera, it may be hard to see the picture when there is minimal light. Some cameras have a night-vision mode that can automatically turn itself on when it detects low light.
  • Dual lens:If you can have two cameras hooked up together, you can get an all-around view of your vehicle. The typical setup would consist of a front and a rear camera. The rear device can be used as a backup camera when youre driving in reverse, giving you an extra safety measure.
  • Voice activation:You may be able to find a multipurpose recorder that can be controlled with your voice. You can use the voice-activated controls to get turn-by-turn directions, hear the weather report, and check your calendar.
  • Parking mode:To save energy, many products turn themselves off when the vehicle is turned off. There may be a way to program your camera to record video while youre parked. This can give you information about anything suspicious that occurs while the vehicle is unattended.
How does the memory work in these devices?

Each model may have a different design. In general, these cameras are designed to constantly record information. The data is chunked into small increments of time. For example, you can have video clips that are three or five minutes long. With a loop recording system in place, new video files would automatically overwrite older ones. In the case of an accident, many of the newer cameras can automatically save the relevant files in a special place so that you can access them later. In other models, you may have to manually go into the menu and save a certain file.

What are some of the brands of car dash cams?

On eBay, you can find products made by the following:

  • Autodrive
  • Cobra
  • Master
  • Motomaster
  • Philips
  • Pioneer