Los diferenciales para automóviles y camiones, conjuntos y piezas

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Car Truck Differentials Parts

A car differential is an essential gear that helps you turn and adjust your power when you drive your vehicle. It sits in the engine and works while you are driving to ensure that your velocity stays even and true while you turn. Anyone who has heard of a limited slip differential or any of these gears needs to understand them more fully before buying or installing one in their car.

What is an auto differential?

A differential is a gear train that comes with three different shafts. As you drive your car, this part will go into effect whenever you turn your steering wheel. When this happens, the gear will turn in a way that helps the outside wheels of the car turn more quickly than the inside wheels. The reason for this action is that it helps the vehicle slow more effectively for turning.

When this part malfunctions in a car, the engine can struggle to keep up with the necessary turns. Your axle may turn poorly, and you can lose speed while you turn. As a result, it is essential to ensure that this tool and all of its shafts are in perfect conditions. This maintenance will help you drive and turn your wheels properly.

Which types of differentials are used in vehicles?

In most vehicles on the market, there are two different types of differentials. These work in slightly different ways. The epicyclic type asymmetrically uses torque. This change allows it to be more compact along the axis and avoid taking up excessive room. They also have a slightly different shaft design than the second type.

This type is known as a spun-gear differential. It has two equal-sized tools that help transfer different levels of torque between the motor and the wheels. They are usually positioned along the axis of the car in a larger way than the epicyclic version. However, they are typically easier to repair because they have more even construction.

In fact, this type of part works on the driveshaft and uses a same-speed design to work on both the front wheels and the rear wheels of an auto. The type installed on your auto will usually vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, Toyota is known for supporting the epicyclic type over the spun-gear version.

What parts make up a differential?

When fitting one of these items on the front axles or rear axles of your auto, it is important to know what parts it has. In most cases, there is usually a drive mounted on a carrier. The former item takes the force from your motor and transfers it to the carrier. From here, the force is transferred to the planetary bevel, the driven bevel, and finally to the axles.

During this process, the force will be adjusted by this auto part. For example, carrier spins to help offset much of the power from the engine. When this power is transferred to the planetary bevel and the driven bevel, further force is redirected. At this point, the wheels accept an appropriate level of force for turning your auto.