Piezas de transmisión manual para automóviles y camiones

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Transmission Parts and Kits for Manual Cars or Trucks

Manual transmission parts are simple to find if you know what you?re looking for. Always double check with your user?s manual to ensure that your parts are compatible with your car or truck. Consider eBays variety of new and used parts to rebuild your transmission and to get your gears, bearings, or rings back in order.

How can a transmission improve engine performance?

Transmissions release the stress of engines. The power that goes to the wheels of a vehicle should be transferred in a seamless way. Ideal performance is when that power isn?t diminished while it reaches your wheelbase. This can only happen if the engine, the transmission, and the drive shaft are working in sync. All three pieces bring our focus to the transmission and its bearings. The engine connects to the transmission, but it does not connect directly to the drive shaft. The performance of your transmission bearing rings helps your engine to release the torque it has without stressing it.

Can replacement parts improve RPMs?

A healthy engine and drive shaft require that you look toward the transmission if your RPMs are out of control. The entire transmission is an intricate assembly made from durable steel and aluminum gear kits. In many cases, an overworking system can be narrowed down to a single part malfunctioning. Always ensure that youre purchasing the right gears and parts made for your car or truck. eBays selection is large and diverse, so please refer to your user?s manual to find the precise measurement, name, and purpose of the gear you?ll need for a rebuild. Here are a few items that you can find within this eBay category:

  • Five-speed kit: 5- and 6-speed gear sets are ready on auction today. Bearing rings will be adjusted or made to fit your vehicle.
  • Clutch disc kit: Replacing your clutch is also a quick prospect, but you have to find the specific model within your vehicle?s manual.
  • Differential kit: You can even improve the driving performance of your wheels by asking a mechanic about your differential and if it needs replacing.
Where does the transmission release its power?

The power of a transmission comes directly from the engine. This power is then absorbed through the differential. You?ll find a balance in your driving when this piece is properly set and performing well. It is the last piece before the wheels.