Get Glamorous Eye Protection With Cat-Eye Purple Mirrored Sunglasses

With their classically elongated shape, cat-eyed purple mirrored sunglasses add plenty of visual interest to your outfit.

What sorts of cat-eye shapes can you choose from?

The cat-eye style of sunglasses is extremely broad. Just about any eyeglasses with an elongated frame that wings up at the corners can count as cat-eye. For a dramatic look to pair with your warm-weather outfits, consider extremely winged cat eyes with a narrow frame. For something a little more subtle, look at squared cat eyes with just a slight lift in the corner.

What are the different levels of mirroring available for women's purple sunglasses?

Not all mirrored sunglasses have the same exact reflectivity levels. There are all sorts of unique pros and cons to each type of mirroring.

  • Light: With light levels of mirroring, people will still be able to see your eyes behind your dark purple mirrored sunglasses. There will be just a hint of reflection, and you may notice slightly less glare. This level is easier to care for and less likely to get noticeable scratches.
  • Medium: Medium mirroring levels result in sunglasses that look noticeably reflective in bright light. However, in lower light situations, people looking at you will be able to see through the glasses slightly. This can provide a nice balance between style and practicality.
  • High: At the highest levels of reflectivity, your sunglasses lens will look like a mirror. This blocks the most glare. Some people feel an extra glossy coating adds additional visual appeal to the glasses.
What hues of purple do cat-eye sunglasses come in?

Over the years, this classic shape has been produced by all sorts of companies. Due to the vast amount of purple cat-eye sunglasses that are available, you have plenty of color options to choose from. Many designs go with a classic medium shade of purple like violet or amethyst. You can also find slightly pink-tinted shades of purple like magenta and mauve, or you can browse dark, almost neutral-colored purples like eggplant and plum. If you're looking for soft pastels for spring, you can get cat-eye sunglasses in paler shades of purple like lavender, periwinkle, and lilac.

Should you get designer purple sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses vary a lot based on manufacturer. The brand behind the sunglasses will affect the materials, design, and style of the product. Certain designer sunglassesproject particular style or status, while non-designer options are available at more affordable prices.

What frame materials can you pick from?

The two most frequently used frame materials are metal and plastic. Purple metal frames are sturdy, flexible, and corrosion-resistant. Meanwhile, frames made of metal are lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. Glasses made from less common materials, like eco-friendly wood frames, are also available.

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