Los cables USB Teléfono Celular para Samsung

The Information You Need Before Selecting USB Cell Phone Cords

When the battery is running low on your Samsung Galaxy, having the right charger can help you stay connected with your friends and family. There are different varieties of USB cables available for your Samsung device. Some cables have adapters that can be used with multiple devices.

What types of USB cords are available?

Available USB cords include:

  • USB-C: This type has an oval-shaped connector that can recharge a phone or transfer data. The design of the USB-C charging cord has the same connection on both ends and has no up or down so that you can plug it in without any guesswork.
  • MicroUSB cable: This is a miniature version of the standard interface, and it has a five-pin design. The two types of microUSB cables available are 2.0 and 3.0; choose the one that's compatible with your phone.
  • Lightning: This type has an eight-pin connection for charging your device. Lightning cords have an authentication chip inside their frames, and a standard USB connection on the opposite end.
How do you select a USB charger for your smartphone?

Here are some steps to help you choose a smartphone charger:

  • Select a type: Consult the manual, the phone, or the previous charging cable to find a compatible model.
  • Select a brand: If you prefer to use OEM cables, you can choose from those manufactured by Samsung. There are also other branded and unbranded cables that can be compatible with your phone.
  • Select a length: Cables come in lengths from 1 foot up to 14 feet.
  • Choose features: This can include the type of cable used, such as braided or nylon. There are also cables that have LEDs and magnetic connections.
What is a fast charger?

Some smartphones are equipped with a fast-charging feature. Using a charging cable with the fast-charging feature will turn off the phone's screen to initiate a fast charge. The phone will indicate with a message that fast charging is being used. Fast-charging cables provide a higher voltage to charge the device in less time compared to a standard charger.

What are braided USB cords?

Some cables will have braided nylon or fabric that covers the wires instead of rubber or plastic. Braided cables are woven to allow the cable to be flexible and twisted.

What features are available on a USB charger?

A USB charger may have any of the following features:

  • LEDs: Some cables have LED indicators that notify you when your device is fully charged. While it's charging, the cable's LED is orange or red; it will turn green once the phone is fully charged.
  • Magnetic: Some cables have magnets built into the connectors that keep the cords secured to phones. Some of these styles have a quick-disconnect feature that separates the cord from the phone when it is pulled.
  • Multiport: Some charging cords have multiple USB ports that allow you to recharge multiple devices. Other cables with the multiport feature have a splitter that also allows multiple devices to be charged at once.
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