Los cables USB Teléfono Celular para iPhone 6

USB Cables for iPhone 6

There is a wide variety of USB cables available for the iPhone 6. Regardless of what you're looking for, whether that is a certain color, design, or function, there is likely to be a cable that works for your iPhone 6.

What does a USB cable do?

An iPhone 6 charger cable allows you to plug in your iPhone to computers to sync information. It also lets you charge your iPhone by connecting it to a wall adapter. You may find it useful to keep additional cables or chargers in storage for travel or for backup in case anything goes wrong with the original accessory you received with your iPhone.

What special features can an iPhone 6 cable have?

While its primary function is to charge your iPhone and sync data, certain USB cables have special added features. Some charger cables can also rapidly charge your device. This feature is referred to as "fast charging." There is also a "no virtual current" feature. The iPhone 6 cable features to consider are listed below.

  • 90-degree right-angle cable - The connector that goes to your phone is shaped into an L-shape to help keep wires from becoming exposed.
  • Rapid-charging capability - Some rapid-charge units come with a miniature USB-to-wall outlet box to plug the USB cable into.
  • Smart LED light - Some iPhone cables have an LED light that lets you know when your iPhone is fully charged, charging, or not charged.
  • Auto disconnect - Auto disconnect will automatically stop the connection between your iPhone and the device you connect to if it is not an active connection.
How should you choose an iPhone 6 cable?

Before purchasing a charger cable for your iPhone 6, it helps to consider the basic features you would like the charger cable to have. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Adapter: You may need a wall adapter or an adapter for travel if you do not already have one.
  • Length:The length of the cable may vary from less than 1 foot to more than 10 feet. Consider where you'll be charging the device and where you'll be plugging it in to sync before deciding on a cable length.
  • Aesthetic appeal: How decorative do you want the cable to be? You will find that many charger cables have decorative features, like specific detailing or LED lights.
  • Cable type: Some cables may be referred to as being armor-weaved or double-weaved.
  • Color: The color and design of the cable is something you should consider as well. Some colors you can find include the traditional white, black, blue, red, and yellow, among others.
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