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Accessories to Recharge Your Canon Cameras

Chargers for Canon cameras are designed in different configurations for specific situations. Youll find convenient charging solutions with a plug that fits in a traditional outlet and mobile charger options that can transfer energy to drained digital camera batteries while youre on the go. These accessories are built with hardware that is compatible with multiple series of camera batteries for products by Canon.

What are the camera battery usage options and product designs?

Car chargers for Canon digital camera batteries are designed with a convenient jack that plugs into the lighter port in an automobile cabin. If your digital camera battery drains during a long road trip, you can use this accessory to recharge the Canons battery cells. The car charger cord that distributes power to a digital camera battery has two metal security components on the jack. Both flexible metal pieces boost safety because they keep the jack secured when the cord is accidentally pulled or tugged, and the indicator light on the lower portion of a typical car charger jack helps a user prepare for a charging routine since it illuminates when the hardware is powered up.

Dock chargers are built with a flat housing or a vertical housing. Flat charging units have ports that secure batteries as they charge in a standing position, and battery charger products that plug into a wall outlet have a dock that lets a battery rest against a charging compartment vertically. Both designs are manufactured in standard and dual Canon varieties.

What are the compatible product brands?

EOS series digital cameras battery chargers are built in two varieties for Canon cameras. Some units have one component for a single battery, and multiple options are manufactured with dual ports for two batteries. Battery chargers for EOS products also have different base designs. However, a typical unit will have traditional AC jack, a mobile jack, or a combination of both accessories. Other compatible options include EOS Rebel products, IXUS products, and PowerShot products.

What are the products features and material specs?
  • Charger status indicator: This is a standard feature on a battery charger. However, the indicator technology will vary from product to product. If a Canon product has an LED display, the indicator will be a battery icon on the panel. This icon will change gradually as a drained or partially drained battery charges.
  • LED panel: Some units may have a panel that glows in the dark. These displays also indicate the batterys current power level.
  • Plastic: All battery charger bases are constructed out of a thick plastic material. Along the side of a base housing, there is a port for a standard or mobile power cord.
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