Chocolate Blocks

Savor the Joyful Flavor of Chocolate Blocks

Everyone loves a good chocolate bar. Often, we go to the store and buy each chocolate bar or chocolate block individually. However, this is not be the easiest way to get your chocolate fix. eBay offers you hundreds of options for chocolate blocks in many flavors and sizes.

What are the advantages of buying chocolate blocks in bulk?

Buying bulk chocolate is a great way to acquire, and ensure you have on hand, your favorite types of chocolate candy. A bulk-sized pack in your pantry can last a long while.

Stocking up is convenient and simple, especially if you have a craving for novelty chocolates. These are typically hard to come by, so having plenty in your kitchen is ideal. Chocolate blocks and bars containing chocolate and nuts also freeze well, making them ideal items to buy in bulk and save for later.

Other reasons to buy in bulk are:

  • Saving money: You'll spend less per unit when you buy in bulk.
  • Sharing: Share your chocolate blocks with your friends and family.
  • Saving time: There's no need to go the grocery store to buy more.
Do chocolate blocks have nutritional benefits, too?

There are health benefits to eating chocolate, especially the dark kind with a high percentage of cacao and an intense flavor. Reasons why chocolate is good for you include:

  • The nutritional content of dark chocolate blocks is high.
  • It's full of antioxidants.
  • Dark chocolate helps control cholesterol and heart disease.

Having bulk chocolate on hand, especially if it's dark, is a health-conscious thing to do.

What else can you do with chocolate blocks?

Bulk chocolates are great for fundraisers. Chocolate bars sell well, and buying them in bulk is an ideal way to pass on the cost savings to the cause you're raising funds for.

Chocolate blocks are also great for cooking. Delicious dark chocolate blocks or even chocolate and nut bars can add sweetness and richness to your recipe. If you keep these items on hand, you'll be ready when recipes call for them and save yourself extra trips to the store. You can use any of these types of chocolate for baking:

  • Baking chocolate: This has the highest cacao content — sometimes approaching 100% — and is the most bitter.
  • Dark chocolate: This includes both bittersweet and semisweet varieties.
  • Milk chocolate: This has added sugars and contains dairy products.
  • White chocolate: This is made from cocoa butter and has no chocolate solids.