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Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies

Both janitorial professionals and people who clean their own homes need equipment for the job. The right cleaning equipment can help keep floors, bathrooms, windows, and other areas of a building in top condition. Janitorial professionals need stronger tools and chemicals than at-home housekeepers.

What equipment should a janitorial service own?

  • Vacuum: Make sure that your vacuum has attachments for getting into small, high, or oddly shaped places. An extension cord can help you reach all areas of a room.
  • Gloves: You will use these to protect your hands from germs and strong chemicals.
  • Cleaning solutions: All-purpose cleaners and specific-application cleaners, such as toilet bowl solution, are both important. A disinfecting solution is a must.
  • Floor tools: These includes dry mops, wet mops, and brooms of multiple shapes. You will also need buckets and dustpans for cleaning floors.
  • Dusters: You may wish to use rags or feather dusters for this job.
  • Disposable products: You will need to continually restock your supply of some cleaning products, such as trash bags and paper towels.
  • Caddy or cart: These can help you move your janitorial supplies from place to place.

If you clean multiple businesses, you may want a set of supplies to leave at each location.

What supplies are necessary for cleaning a house?

  • Rags and sponges: These can include paper towels, reusable cloth or microfiber rags, and an assortment of sponges.
  • Vacuums: It is handy to have both a full-size vacuum and a handheld one.
  • Other tools: A well-stocked cleaning cabinet will have brooms, dustpans, mops, dusters, and scrub brushes.
  • Cleaning solutions: An all-purpose cleaner is useful in many areas throughout the home. You may also want particular solutions for toilets, windows, showers, ovens, wood surfaces, or other specific applications. You may need spray bottles in which to store these solutions.

What are commercial cleaning products and equipment?

Often, commercial tools are powerful and chemical solutions are highly concentrated because they are designed for use on a larger scale. Commercial products often meet high levels of disinfection capabilities since they are used in places that are accessed by many people.

Proper storage is important for keeping your cleaning supplies at peak effectiveness. It can also be a good safety measure.

How should you store cleaning supplies?

  • Keep supplies in a place that stays at a moderate temperature. The area should be clean, and it should not be damp or humid.
  • When possible, keep cleaning solutions in their original containers. If you have to transfer a product to a spray bottle, make sure that it is clearly labeled. Keep the manufacturers directions on hand.