Lotes al por mayor de cuchillos y espadas de colección

Collectible Knives and Swords Wholesale Lots

The types of collectible knives and swords you can find in wholesale lots include folding knives, pocket knives, tactical hunting knives, and swords. Additionally, in wholesale lots, you can discover throwing knives or almost any kind of tactical weapon. These can make excellent gifts for hunters, survivalists, or knife and sword collectors.

What is a wholesale lot?

A wholesale lot is a group of items offered at wholesale or base cost by a manufacturer. The term “wholesale lot” might also describe a bulk group of assorted items. For example, goods from an estate sale that are offered as wholesale knives could feature an antique or hard-to-find piece, such as a pocket knife, folding knife, or sword. You might also find a blade with a distinctive handle, a black sheath, or a piece with a serrated edge, curved blade, or other unique attribute.

What kinds of collectible knife and sword types are there?

Knives and swords come in a variety of types, blade lengths, handle materials, handle shapes, and blade styles. Some knives have high-quality metal blades made from stainless steel or titanium, while other knives or swords make outstanding practical tools or tactical self-defense weapons. Decorative elements, such as an ergonomic handle, a carved handle, or a leather sheath can make a sword or knife a much-appreciated present.

Most folding-knife, pocket-knife, and throwing-knife types are made of stainless steel, regular steel, or titanium. Stainless steel, steel, and titanium can be sharpened to a fine edge that withstands a reasonable degree of stress without breaking or shattering.

What are some potential uses for these knives and swords?
  • Camping: Outdoor enthusiasts can use a pocket knife or folding knife for practical camping tasks, such as cutting ropes, processing a catch, or preparing food.
  • Survival: As a survival weapon, a pocket knife or folding knife is a portable, tactical tool to have for self-defense. A survival knife should feature an easy-grip handle.
  • Decoration: Knives or swords can always go beyond the black sheath or black handle. Collectors' items often stand out by having a distinct blade shape or decorated handle that looks wonderful mounted on a wall.
Who should you buy a wholesale knife or sword for?

Lots of wholesale knives or swords make great gifts for people with divergent interests. Survival enthusiasts will appreciate stainless-steel hunting knives or a throwing knife with a black handle as well as a folding knife or pocket knife. Medievalists will appreciate antique steel swords or replicas. Hunters will appreciate a folding knife or pocket knife, a hunting knife, or throwing knives, especially in a black belt sheath. Campers or fishers might find a multitool pocket knife or hunting knife a welcome holiday or birthday gift, and trail runners and hikers might appreciate a small, lightweight folding knife for survival or self-defense.