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Collectible Waterman Ballpoint Pens

The Waterman Pen Company is a maker of luxury pens since its establishment in 1884. As with their fountain pen counterparts, Waterman ballpoint pens come in many types that can form the basis of personal collections. Here is some information on the styles, finishes, and construction of collectible Waterman ballpoint pens.

What Waterman pen styles are available in ballpoint?
  • Exception: This Waterman pen features a thick, square barrel with the option for a slim styling. Each pen includes a clip, a closing system for the cap, and availability in several finishes such as solid gold, sterling, and lacquer.
  • Carene: The Carene features a thick barrel that is round and tapered on both ends. Finishes include gold, silver, gunmetal, and other colors.
  • Charleston: This pen has an Art Deco style, and features a thick barrel with a small taper.
  • Perspective: The Perspective has a thick, untapered barrel. The finishes are available in gold, silver, and various colors like champagne and azure.
  • Expert: This pen has a thick barrel with a slight taper. Its available in gold, silver, and stainless steel as well as glossy and matte lacquer finishes.
  • Hemisphere: The Waterman Hemisphere has a narrow barrel with a gradual taper and clip. This pen offers options for finishes that include metals and lacquer.
Are Waterman pens available in other finishes?

Waterman pens are frequently available with personal engravings or finishes that were commissioned. These pens are usually either one of a kind engraved pens or in limited quantities such as the Harley-Davidson line of Waterman pens.

What are some features of ballpoint and rollerball pens?

Waterman produces both ballpoint and rollerball pens. Heres some information on both types:

Ballpoint pens use a dense, oil-based ink that allows for long-lasting and controlled writing. Ballpoint pens produce fewer smudges when writing and use a quick-drying ink that is less likely to leak in combination with the ball-tip design. Ballpoint pens offer higher control than other types of pens and reduce strain on the wrist and hands because less pressure is applied when putting pen to paper.

Rollerball pens use a liquid ink, either water or gel-based. This gives the rollerball a smoother feel when writing, comparable to using a fountain pen. Rollerballs typically give a finer and darker line than ballpoint.

What refills are available?

Waterman pen refills are available in this product category from the company and other suppliers. Here are the refill package options available:

  • Colors: Black and blue.
  • Point: Fine (.5mm) and Medium (.7mm).
  • Quantity: Individual packs contain 1 to 10 refills.
  • Type: Refills are available for ballpoint and rollerball pens. Note that a ballpoint refill will not work in a rollerball pen, and vice versa.
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