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Commodore Vintage Computer Keyboards

Vintage Keyboards for Retro Fun

Possibly one of the most well-known early personal computers, the Commodore 64 makes some people feel nostalgic for their early computing years. While not built for gaming, it led to a proliferation of simple games that users could play on it. If youve got nostalgia for the look and feel of the old machines or the gaming experience, a vintage keyboard might be of interest.

What Is the History of the Commodore 64?

The C64 was not the first keyboard with computer built-in. It was, however, the first affordably priced one on the market. The popularity of home PCs rose with them.

  • Original Device: If you are looking for the original C64, you may find you need to piece one together from working parts. Keycaps and switches as well as motherboards and other parts are available.
  • Reproduction Machine: In 2011, a "new" one was produced with modern computer specifications. If you are looking purely for the retro feel, then finding one might be a good option.

Are You Looking for That 80s Feel?

Vintage keyboards from the brand are appealing to people for a few different reasons. Some are interested in the old time look and feel. The "clacking" of the keys and the hefty feel of the board recalls other times.

  • Converting to USB: Of course, the standard connection for older keyboards is not same connection as for modern computers. If you want to be able to connect, you will want to seek out a product that allows older keyboards to connect to USB interfaces.
  • Keys and Switches: As with almost all keyboards, you can swap out the keycaps and switches on a vintage keyboard. You can find specific single ones or buy several together.

Do You Want to Play Games?

One of the biggest uses for a vintage keyboard is to use it for that true vintage experience when playing emulator games.

  • Raspberry Pi: Some people use either Arduino or Raspberry Pi for building a machine that can emulate the C64 or other vintage keyboard. In this case, the vintage piece becomes a case of sorts. Of course, if you go this route one of the other pieces you might want to seek out for a true gaming experience is a joystick.
  • Number Pads: In addition to the joysticks, number pads were often used to play games. Keep in mind that not all keyboards had number pads, so you should confirm if you need one.

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