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Keep Your Commodore Vintage Computer Working with a Power Supply

Commodore was one of the earliest computers designed for personal use at home. The Commodore 64 was one of their products and is still available. Commodore vintage computer power supply products are also available to keep the fan, motherboard, and complete system running.

What are some features of these Commodore computer power supplies?

These days, component cable connector types are fairly standard. In the 1980s, however, component cable connector types, outputs, and even the materials used in a computer power supply unit, or PSU, often differed between computer systems and even models.

  • Connector: Depending on the specific model of Commodore computer, PSUs can have four, five, or seven connector pins. The shape of the connector can also vary from model to model. The Commodore 64 had a round connector on the cable to supply power to the motherboard. Most Amigas had a square-shaped connector cable.
  • Output: Different Commodore models required different outputs for power. The most commonly seen PSU types supplied 5VDC and 9VDC power.
  • Materials: The power supplies used by Commodore were made of several different types of materials. Some were metal and plastic. Others were made of heavy black rubber. Later models were made of hard plastic in neutral colors like gray and beige.
  • Display: Some models feature an LED indicator light to show the power is flowing from the PSU. Others feature a readout showing how many volts and amps are being outputted.
What are some models of vintage Commodore power supply?

The power supplies used by Commodore varied with the model. Examples include:

  • Amiga: The Amiga 500, 600, and 1200 all share the same style power supply. This system is a switched mode PSU. The switch is made of plastic, and there's an indicator light to show when the power is turned on. The PSU outputs 5VDC at 5.5 amps and 12VDC at 2.5 amps. The connector is square shaped and features five pins. Some versions feature metal plates, and others are made of hard beige plastic.
  • Commodore 64: The Commodore 64 came with a heavy black power supply with black cords. This power supply features the company logo on the top of the unit. It has a 4-pin round connector.
  • Commodore 128: The 128 used a power supply that came in a hard plastic housing. It features a fan and vents at the top to help dissipate heat. This power supply features a square shaped connector.
Are there any accessories for vintage Commodore power supplies?

There are. The power supplies for the 64 and 128 models are compatible with each other. The only difference is the connector type. There are adapters available to make the power supply for the 64 (round connector) work with the 128 (square connector). The adapter has five pins and a square shape.

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