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Chevrolet Corvette Corner Lights

Corner lights, also referred to as cornering lights, are usually white lights positioned on the front fender of your Chevrolet Corvette. While some corner lights are integrated with turn signals and side markers, these parts serve a different function on your Corvette. A corner light beams a bright white light while youre turning, illuminating the curb and allowing for greater visibility.

Are corner lights the same as a turn signal?

Some corner lights are integrated with the turn signals, while others are separate. The main difference between a corner light and a turn signal is that a turn signal is mostly for other drivers safety, while a corner light is for your own. A turn signal warns other drivers, either in front of you or behind you, that you are about to slow down and turn your Chevrolet Corvette. A Corvettes corner light may turn on at the same time you switch your turn signal on. But its sole function is to give you more light as you turn, so you can avoid potentially dangerous or damaging objects.

Are corner lights specific to the Chevrolet Corvette?

Cadillac was the first company to introduce corner lights in 1962. This lighting trend spread to American sedans and luxury cars. Some overseas manufacturers also started installing them, such as Volvos and Saabs. When the C4 Corvette came out with corner lights, it was the first time a sports car featured them. Most older models of Corvettes will have corner lights.

What kinds of light options are there?

Your corner lights are changeable if you desire to upgrade your Chevrolet Corvette. Different colors are available, including clear, black, and amber. Some Chevrolet manufacturers may refer to the black as smoked. You can also switch out your bulbs to LEDs.

How are corner lights installed?

Theres no need to seek out a professional for corner light installation. You can install your corner lights yourself with the help of a jack and a screwdriver.

  • Jack up the front of the car. You want sufficient clearance to be able to work.
  • Locate the plastic panel under the corner light. Its on the outer edge of the nose.
  • Remove screws from the panel. You may not have to remove all the screws. Just keep going until you see the corner light. You will see that there are two smaller screws and a spring holding it in place.
  • Remove the light. Replace it with your new light. Screw everything back together.