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Cream Purple Eyeshadows

Cream eyeshadow is a workhorse product in a makeup lovers collection. They are versatile and easy to apply. Read below for more information about how to choose the right cream eyeshadow shade for your desired look.

What makes a cream eyeshadow different from a powder one?

Cream eyeshadows come in little jars and have a wet texture. Depending on the brand and formulation, cream shadows range from very thin gels to thicker mousses. Creams look a bit more natural than powders due to the way they melt into the skin and then set along the existing texture.

How do you apply a cream eyeshadow?

Cream eyeshadows are most commonly applied with the fingers. The heat from your finger softens the eyeshadow when you touch it in the pot, and that helps you pick up the right amount of product. Then you just tap and blend it onto your lid, continuing to take advantage of your skins warmth. Creams remain pliable long enough for you to buff out the edges smoothly and evenly. If you have long fingernails or simply do not like using your fingers to apply makeup, you can use stiff liner and smudger brushes to lay down the color. A small pencil brush is great for blending the outer edges without moving the color around.

Do you need to use a primer with cream shadows?

Unless your eyelids are exceptionally oily, you usually do not need to use a separate primer before applying your cream shadows. Many cream eyeshadow formulations contain ingredients identical to those in primers. This keeps them from creasing and fading throughout the day.

What are some other ways to use cream shadows?

Since cream shadows can act as primers, they can be used as tinted bases for shimmer or glitter powder eye shadows. When you use a base that is close in color to the glitter eyeshadow, it amplifies the underlying tone and makes it appear more vibrant. Instead of doubling down on powdery products that make your lids look dry and crepey, youd be applying a single shiny eyeshadow over a cream base that was already mimicking the naturally smooth texture of your skin.

You can also use cream shadows as eyeliners. Just use a small angled liner brush or a pencil brush to draw and blend the product on your lash line. This method gives you softly blended definition that stays put in the face of oily skin and watery eyes.

How do you incorporate purple eyeshadows into a natural look?

Purple is technically a neutral color, which means that it has the potential to be flattering on every skin tone. Purples with cool undertones look gray or taupe when blended out in the crease. Warm purples pull red or even brown against most skin tones. A dark purple can be used to deepen the outer edges of your eye look without the harshness of a stark black. Purples make brown eyes appear richer, and they make blue eyes brighter.