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Dolce & Gabbana Women's Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are designed to provide 100% UV protection while also boasting a fashionable '50s kind of flair.

What style of sunglasses works best for each face shape?

There are several different face shapes, and Dolce & Gabbana offers styles that are compatible with each. Read on for some tips on finding the styles that work best with your face shape:

  • Heart: Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. The most flattering sunglasses will give the illusion of broadening your jawline and minimizing the width of your forehead. Aviators, oversized frames, and wayfarers are three Dolce & Gabbana styles that are often wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, which should help create this illusion.
  • Square: A broad forehead, strong jawline, and wide cheekbones are the typical characteristics of the square face shape. With such angular features, rounded frame designs should provide an appropriate balance. Retro round, round, and oval-style frames from Dolce & Gabbana are some available options that may be suitable for a square face shape.
  • Round: Round face shapes typically have soft angles, especially around the cheeks and the chin. When your face is round, the goal is to find a pair of sunglasses that make your face look longer and thinner. Dolce & Gabbana's angular designs like cat-eye and rectangular glasses would most likely be the best fit for your face shape. Several retro designs may work as well.
  • Oval: If your face is oval, it has a relatively symmetrical balance, which means that, usually, any type of Dolce & Gabbana frames will suit your face.
How do you select the correct size when ordering sunglasses?

If you have a pair of existing glasses or sunglasses, use the measurements from that pair to select your new sunglasses. If you don't have an existing pair of glasses to go by, it's fairly easy to do the measurements yourself. It is important to take the width into consideration, as if you get glasses that are too wide, they won't sit on your ears properly. If the sunglasses are too narrow, they’ll be uncomfortable, pressing into your head, and could cause headaches.

How do you care for your Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses?
  • Prevent scratches: Always keep your sunglasses in a strong, protective case when you're not wearing them. Hard cases are great for this, especially if you're packing for a trip or storing your sunglasses for a period of time.
  • Keep them clean: Cleaning your glasses regularly, and in the correct way, will help maintain their quality. Use the microfiber cleaning cloth that comes with your sunglasses instead of using clothing, paper towels, or abrasive household cleaners.